here's my mono-blue tron list. If you have yet to hear about mono blue tron because your attention has been lead to the mac daddy tier 1 tron and variants of tron. the best way I can explain it is that a bunch of sweaty neckbeard control players (Which I am proud to call myself) came together and decided to ruin a perfectly good high mana tron deck. the result of this mutation... mono blue tron a tier 3 deck that stops your opponent from playing magic for the first few turns, then blows up there lands (Sundering Titan), their board (Perilous Vault and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon plus what is the equivalent of a nuke in commander Cyclonic Rift). The neckbeards tried to completely change the creatures but this slimey metallic tron worm just would not leave Wurmcoil Engine. On the subject of colorless value creatures Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. You know how I said that we stopped are opponent from playing the game, while once you assemble tron YOU CAN ACTUALLY STOP THEM FROM EVER TOUCHING THEIR DECK. yep, that's right 12 mana, Mindslaver, Academy Ruins and a smug smile allows you to declare that you tap all their lands at the beginning of their turn and you win period. KNow I know what your thinking "you only run one of these things in your deck and you expect them to win your the game". the reason for this is that the opponent cant expect witch threat and therfore cannolt build to stop it. With all the card draw in this deck I promise you that you will always find something. Our card\tutor draw package contains

  1. Epiphany at the Drownyard tron assembled but nothing to waste mana on, I have just the thing for you a drownyard for 27! (personal record)
  2. Thirst for Knowledge you run a lot of artifacts so digging three is gud (Dig Through Time plz come back to me)
  3. it's not card draw but it fetches threats Treasure Mage
  4. Expedition Map once again not card draw but fetches tron and Academy Ruins
  5. Serum Visions good in the early game

This is a budget list so we made some budget cuts

Engineered Explosives to Ratchet Bomb we took out a Wurmcoil Engine and added Silent Arbiter (would have done it even without price Chalice of the Void to Spellskite, this one confuses people but just like a chalice Spellskite just stops your opponent from doing so many things. Snapcaster Mage for another control spell slot Perilous Vault from Oblivion Stone

the hardest part for the neckbeards when building the deck was finding a way to dig and well, control at the same time. but we managed to find a few cards that dig and stop your opponent from playing magic

  1. Condescend mono blue tron list are quite different from one another but the only constant is a playset of this badboy
  2. Remand draws a card stops a spell
  3. Repeal draws a card stops a creature
  4. Supreme Will the norm in this U tron is Thirst for Knowledge a playset of but we run one of these instead. more accurate dig but less cards, dual purpose as well

the landbase is pretty self explanatory, we run 3 Talisman of Dominance so we can afford to run less blue sources,

to the sideboard we go! remember that your'e sideboard has to do with your meta and the decks that you match up against most often.

  1. Hurkyl's Recall artifact hate
  2. Ratchet Bomb bassicaly Engineered Explosives
  3. Spatial Contortion removal
  4. Spell Pierce stops storm, control, walkers and affinity
  5. Spreading Seas great against mirrors, titan shift and new favorite victim, 5 color humans
  6. Tormod's Crypt graveyard hate
  7. Warping Wail way too much usefulness to not run 1
  8. Filigree Familiar value is leaking out of this card, its a body a card and life
  9. Hope of Ghirapur couple of these in the main, we add another one if were playing red or a low avg cmc deck.

well theres my mono blue tron +1 and plzz comment and suggest


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