A GW Hexproof Aura deck... err bogle.dec, don't currently have the money for a few of the cards like fetch lands - so we're operating a slightly less efficient mana base. We miss out on a few of the cute interactions like fetching up a dyrad arbor in response to a edict and we take a bit more damage from our lands, but otherwise we're pretty solid, at least for FNM level events. Deck currently costs less than a good tier one standard deck, and has the added bonus having better longevity to invest money into.

Update - Been winning enough with this list to be slowly upgrading the mana base.

Deck Tech

Bogle decks attempt to force your opponent to have some very specific answers at very specific times, otherwise you'll run them over Turn 4-5 guaranteed.


Remember: Sideboard is more art than science, not everything is set in stone.

General Sideboard Tips: Always keep in at least 21 Auras, you need that much critical mass.

Made some changes after GP Richmond, will write up the sideboard guide again.


Round 1

Bye for my seasonal points. While I played in the finals of two GPTs I couldn't lock up either one.

Round 2 - UWR Geist 2-1

In some ways the Geist of Saint Traft version is the easier one to pray on. They tap out for Geist of Saint Traft and you get to end the game by putting a Daybreak Coronet or an Ethereal Armor into play.

Round 3 - Norin Soul Sisters 2-0

Game 2 got pretty silly, with both of us gaining 20-40 life a turn, but I finally built a big enough Kor Spiritdancer and suited it with Spirit Mantle to win through his near infinite chump blocks.

Round 4 - RG Tron 0-2

Got off to a strong start in Game 1, but a timely Oblivion Stone followed by Wurmcoil Engine stabilized him on 2 life. Game 2 was just a beating, I tried to move in on kor spiritdance and he had Karn Liberated that game on T3 or T4.

Round 5 - UWR 2-0

A nice rally win back off a good match-up.

Round 6 - Affinity 0-2

His first hand was the honest drop every single card and Thoughtcast T1. Game 2 I was just about to stabilize with lifelink, but he had the double Galvanic Blast to finish me off.

Only X-2 makes Day 2, so now I have to win out the rest of the day.

Round 7 - RUG Good Stuff 2-0

Wasn't quite sure what my opponent was on, luckily I avoided the snap decision of boarding into what could have been Tarmo-Twin and hitting a bunch of dead cards.

Round 8 - Merfolk 2-1

Game 1 he's on double AEther Vial and crafts a turn where is one shots me down from 20 life despite my 8 power lifelink in play. Game 2 and 3 are both closer, but my draws were just a little better.

Feeling pretty good at this point, one more win and I'm into day 2.

Round 9 - Storm 0-2 wah wah

Had managed to avoid any of my bad match-up all day, but in the match of two zero interactivity decks, the faster one wins. I think I need a better board plan for Storm.

6-3 was my final record.

All in all, my goal going in was to Day 2. While I missed out, it hinged on my last match of the day, so I'll call that cutting it close. I feel like that's a vast improvement to how I've played previously.

GPT Richmond - Finished 2nd

While the bogle deck does need to mulligan to oblivion every 10 games or so, I do like it well enough for small events.

Match 1 Jund 0-2

Well that was a depressing start. While I think Jund is favorable due to how many dead cards they have, they do mainboard the most interaction.

Match 2 Kiki-Pod 1-2

Mainboard Spellskite, yay. This day wasn't starting well, but I decided to stick it out and keep playing magic.

Match 3 - Bye

Take that imaginary opponent.

Match 4 - Soul Sisters 2-0

While there was a stupid amount of lifegain happening between both decks, he just never got in a favorable position to attack me and I made sure to play around the infinite combo.

Match 5 - Affinity 2-1

All of the 2-2 still had a shot at Top 8, though while my first around opponent had gone undefeated and I had a bye win, my other opponents had not done well and I was pretty low on the tie breakers. Luckily the table ahead of me took too long and got IDed, perhaps not knowing that they should have talked about the situation since they both knocked each other out and let me sneak in.

Match 6 - Jund 2-1

The ironic mirror of Round 1. We traded games 1 and 2, and got into a super tense Game 3. I was down to 1 for several turns and luckily faded multiple draws to finally find a Daybreak Coronet to seal it.

Match 7 - UR Delver 2-1

Another ironic match as I was basically playing the mirror of my other modern list. Even turns out that my opponent knew the deck's designer, so that was an interesting small world. He was able to get Game 1 by burning me out, and Game 2 and 3 I was able to bait out enough counters and finally land a Daybreak Coronet which just ends the game basically. One key interaction to remember is that a naked Spellskite can't change the target on Daybreak Coronet because it would be an illegal target.

Match 8 - Junk 1-2

Oh the daggers of loosing in the finals. Took game 1 pretty handily, and then Game 2 my luck ran its course and I had to mull to 4. My initial hand was keep-able, but it was susceptible to a lot of his interactions and not explosive so I sent it back and found less great hands. Game 3 I found a quick seven, but it lacked protection and he found a Liliana of the Veil

Not a bad run all things considered, stuck in there and sneaked into Top 8 and even won twice from the draw. I turned my winnings into a 4th Misty Rainforest.

It's really nice to see the every-other week Modern FNM is now constantly drawing more folks than Standard. This is likely due to the upcoming Modern season and the perceived stagnation in Standard. I decided to play Bogle tonight instead of UR because I planned to play it the following day in a GPT.

Match 1 Jund 2-1

Lost Game 1, but this match up looks much better after sideboard, especially when you find the right hands. Having extra creatures is nice to dodging their hand disruption and edits should you not find a leyline.

Match 2 Affinity 2-1

Kept a really bad hand Game 2, but otherwise smashed. I feel vary favored in this match-up in general, even with Spellskite sure to come in there are something like 9 cards out of the board for it.

Match 3 Pod 2-1

Nothing crazy, though I had to play around some Destructive Revelrys.

Match 4 Affinity 0-2

Wasn't quite able to pull these out. Highlights include a T1 Spellskite, and a pretty suited bogle needing to chump a massive multiple Steel Overseer and Arcbound Ravager fueled inkmouth nexus.

Match 5 Naya 2-0

A fair deck and I found Daybreak Coronet both games.

Ended up in second by going 4-1 on the night. I was pretty happy with most of my lines and decisions and mostly becoming more apt at what to mulligan and keep and what to play around.

GPT Richmond

Was feeling a little under the weather, so I audibled to Bogle over my Delving Faerie Tempo. Less decisions and I feel like the deck is very powerful the fewer games it plays as it will eventually loose to muligan in a long tournament.

Match 1 - RG Tron 2-1

One game he was able to lock me out with Oblivion Stone and Pyroclasm, but it went pretty quick otherwise. Sided in Stony Silence and Suppression Field to slow him down and lock out specific cards.

Match 2 - UWR 2-1

UWR is like a 90/10 match-up for this deck. He was able to burn my out and soft lock with Cryptic Command game 2. Game 3 was also looking pretty good for him. He draw stepped a Vendilion Clique knocking something important out, but unfortunately for him he cliqued me into Daybreak Coronet while he was tapped out.

Match 3 - Affinity 2-1

I made a key mistake in Game 2 and got too aggressive, only getting in 3 damage while his 2 Vault Skirge and Signal Pest beat my face. I had a Spider Umbra on. I tried to get defensive too late, but Game 3 I got a decent draw and had Nature's Claim for his Steel Overseer and he basically ran out of gas.

Match 4 & 5 - ID

As one of two undefeated I was lock for Top 8 basically. Based on some of the other tables drawing, I opted to draw both rounds which still left me at the reasonable 3 seed.

Match 6 - GW Bogle 1-2

So the mirror was really interesting. He had more sources of lifelink with Unflinching Courage, but I had a bit of a silver bullet with Spirit Mantle and I had one sideboard card in Nature's Claim to his 0. Also as higher seed, I got the play/draw choice. Unsurprisingly we trades games 1 and 2. Game 3 I kept a very strong hand that had Ethereal Armor, Spirit Mantle and Daybreak Coronet with some other stuff and a T1 hexproof. It had only 1 land, but I felt that this hand was unbeatable if I could draw a land in at least 3 turns. Unfortunately, I never saw my second land. That's how it goes sometimes though. The important thing is I think it was still the correct call.

Finished 2-1-1 on the night.

Round 1 - UR Delver 2-1

Player scooped in game 1 due to a mana flood and seeing I had a passable first few turns. Game 2 I sided in Path to Exiles, but he got there with a flipped Delver of Secrets  Flip and some burn along with an Engineered Explosives. However - important lesson here - I had a slppery boggle with a Spider Umbra on it. If you stack the effects correctly you put slppery boggle on top, which being destroyed triggers totem armor. At least keeps the slppery boggle around. Game 3 was extremely close. I took out the Path to Exiles and brought in Stony Silence and Suppression Field instead. He got me to 1, and I had to weather several draw steps to a number of outs, but I was able to fade them all.

Round 2 - Ad Nos Combo 1-2

Hadn't played against this deck before, so it was a new experience. For the similarly uninitiated, it uses Phyrexian Unlife and Ad Nauseam to draw the whole deck and then use one of its kill conditions. Game 1 - I was on the draw and he combo'd off on Turn 5, didn't have a fast enough hand. Game 2 - I forced him to try and go off without Phyrexian Unlife on the board and he died to Ad Nauseam flipping two of them. Game 3 he Patrician's Scorn and was able to combo off. Sideboard plan was simply Leyline of Sanctity, since most of the kill conditions require targeting me. At best it's a free win, at worst it delays them a bit until they find an answer for it.

Round 3 - Mono White 2-1

Bogle preys on fair decks like this. He was able to take Game 2 by landing a T2 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and mounting a big offence, but the other two it was basically over once a suited a Daybreak Coronet - which just ends the race and gives them no good attacks. Sideboarded in Path to Exile.

Round 4 - Bant Knight of the Reliquary

The deck and player that beat me 2 weeks back. Game 1 was once again won off Daybreak Coronet and getting too big too quick. Game 2 I kept a hand with Kor Spiritdancer and got really punished when he Vendilion Clique it away. Game 3 was quite the show down. I suited up quickly, but lacked a trample source to push damage through and draw cards off the multiple Keen Sense on it. While I was up to 53 life, he was able to assemble some chump blocking engines and I made a bad misplay and left a flipped Garruk Relentless  Flip on board. He fetched out Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, and started taking big chunks out of my life. I was able to force a draw by making some lifelink attacks and blocks. I was sideboarding Rest in Peace and Path to Exile.

Based on the play tonight, I decided to shore up the sources of evasion for the deck. Not getting chump blocked would have been key, and getting free chump blocks myself would be nice. So Spirit Link is becoming Spirit Mantle. If I was facing more decks where I though life was important, then I was take out a single Spider Umbra for a Spirit Link.

Yay, modern. I'm actually glad my LGS has switched to doing modern every other Friday. I still enjoy standard, but modern is a lot of fun due to the variety of decks and gut wrenching sideboards.

Speaking of gut wrenching, tonight was my first night running bogle and the reaction to T1 Slippery Bogle never ceased to be amusing. I went 4-1 for the night to end up in 4th.

Match 1 - Pod

Opponent misplayed that let me steal a game while he had combo in hand. After sideboard I brought in path to exhile and just made sure he couldn't ever combo off.

Match 2 - Mono White Aether Vial

Had one scary game after sideboard where my opponent Wrath of God and found me without an umbra. Several turns later, and right before I was going to die, I topdecked a Slippery Bogle and suited it up with a handful of cards.

Match 3 - Bant Knight of the Reliquary

The one match I dropped for the night. Game 1 I was on the mull to 5 and the Knight of the Reliquary grew faster than my enchanted dude. I also made a bad attack at one point, basically trading an umbra for some life. Game 2 was bogle doing it's thing and running him over. Game 3 I kept something risky, one land with Silhana Ledgewalker, but it also has some of my sideboard cards. Several turns later I still had not played any cards and quickly lost.

Match 4 - 4 color mid-range

Mostly bogle doing its think. Game 2 he managed to Inquisition of Kozilek my 1 creature away, and then beat face with Geist of Saint Traft.

Match 5 - UWR

One of the worst match-ups for UWR, Game 2 did get won from an unanswered spellkite, but I had the path of exhile for it in game 3.

Changes - I'm just bringing in all 4 Path to Exile into the sideboard. The card preformed really well when I needed it, and the times where I brought in Mana Tithe I never played it. I also upped the Rest in Peace and Stony Silence.


Hey man, like your Bogle deck quite a bit! Very nice build! I run one myself, and it looks very similar (as I suppose most aura hexproof lists do) but instead of Suppression Field in the main it uses 2 Silhana Ledgewalker and I believe 3 Paths, for a total of 23 auras, 14 creatures, 3 instants and 20 lands. Probably less competitive, but still good at the FNM level. Field is a really good card to mainboard for this deck.

Also, just a suggestion. I'm sure you've tried this at one point or another, or maybe you ruled it out. But a single Selesnya Charm seems like it could be a solid addition for this kind of deck, main or side. You can save a creature with an instant +2/+2 (or, more importantly, use the trample mechanic to finish off an opponent), get rid of a giant creature (including an inkmoth wielding Cranial Plating ), or produce a decent creature token at the end of your opponent's turn to start dropping auras on.

I noticed in your GP Richmond write-up you had some trouble with Storm. Since your deck doesn't use the graveyard - at all, really - why not run a single Rest in Peace in your main and 2-3 more in the side? Entire decks operate on graveyard shenanigans (as do the many decks running fetchlands and planeswalkers that your Suppression Field hoses). It may prevent your first match from being an auto-loss vs. Pod, Storm, or something else. Boarding in a set makes your draw odds even sweeter and helps you win the race. Aside from obvious compatibility with Ethereal Armor , the catch-all effect of RIP prevents many triggers from ever happening - including those that Relic can't stop. Snapcaster and Ooze are relying on the graveyard, but you aren't. It may be better to bulk up on these in the side than use Relic, since there is no drawback from doing so.

And with ~7 sources of totem armor, a single Wrath of God in the side could work wonders. You can trade one aura for an opponent's entire field, breaking the siege in any game that is becoming risky/prolonged.

May 16, 2014 9:34 p.m.

Slycne says... #2

I've been a big fan of MB Suppression Field . There's just some games that that card wreaks, like when your opponent has a hand full of fetch lands.

Selesnya Charm seems like a spicy include that no one would play around, I'll have to give it a try.

Maybe on the MB Rest in Peace , I think I'd really need to see Storm become of larger % of the format. The reason for the heavy Relic of Progenitus over Rest in Peace in the SB is that it's the plan versus Living End . The match-up is really bad regardless, but if you put Rest in Peace in play their Living End straight up wraths the board and eventually they beat you down with cyclers that they just play normally. With Relic of Progenitus you put enough pressure on them to get them to Living End while leaving enough back to rebuild. Then every time they Living End again you get something to rebuild on again, and their team of vanilla 4/4s isn't going to beat a suited bogle. It's still a miserably bad match-up, that's somewhat popular in my local meta - at least more than storm, but this plan takes it from 20-80 to 30/40-70/60.

I've considered it in the past, there's also that Innistrad wrath where both plays pick one creature the name escapes me at the moment since it's late. It always ends up being the 16th-ish sideboard card though. Bogles tends to have great match-ups against fair decks, so I always end up wanting to push my SB to help against the ones the deck truly needs help against. Ultimately that comes down to slightly different styles, I think it's perfectly reasonably to just further hedge the SB and beat up on decks that a deck is good against and simply accept that bad match ups for what they are.

May 17, 2014 11:47 p.m.

lukehawk2222 says... #3

ive been playing storm for a decent time and i always lose to bogles what should i do?

December 7, 2014 2:27 a.m.

Slycne says... #4

lukehawk2222 Bogles should actually be a good match up for you. Neither deck can really interact with each other and Storm is faster. What specifically is giving you trouble?

December 8, 2014 12:50 p.m.

SaSSolino8 says... #5

I'm working on a bogle deck and you seem informed, so I have a question: why Spirit Mantle? you already have Rancor and Unflinching Courage for blockers, what's the point of avoiding them? Thanks.

January 23, 2015 10:14 a.m.

Slycne says... #6

SaSSolino8 Spirit Mantle has a bunch of little interaction that make it worth while. Granted this list is tuned from the last Modern season, even before Treasure Cruise, but it's still probably worth running some number of them.

  • While you do get trample from Rancor and Unflinching Courage, it's nice to bring the evasion up past 6 sources. Games that bogles loses tend to hinge on not finding lifelink and a proper application of chump blocking. See also Inkmoth Nexus killing you regardless.

  • As a 2 CMC card, it helps to insulate you from Engineered Explosives a little. While you can stack an umbra to save your bogle, having nothing left on them and getting Daybreak Coronet knocked off is still basically game over.

  • It also breaks the mirror match.

January 23, 2015 1:55 p.m.

SaSSolino8 says... #7


January 24, 2015 4:18 a.m.

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