A GW Hexproof Aura deck... err bogle.dec, don't currently have the money for a few of the cards like fetch lands - so we're operating a slightly less efficient mana base. We miss out on a few of the cute interactions like fetching up a Dyrad Arbor in response to a edict and we take a bit more damage from our lands, but otherwise we're pretty solid, at least for FNM level events. Deck currently costs less than a good tier one standard deck, and has the added bonus having better longevity to invest money into.

Update - Been winning enough with this list to be slowly upgrading the mana base.

Deck Tech

Bogle decks attempt to force your opponent to have some very specific answers at very specific times, otherwise you'll run them over Turn 4-5 guaranteed.


Remember: Sideboard is more art than science, not everything is set in stone.

General Sideboard Tips: Always keep in at least 21 Auras, you need that much critical mass.

Made some changes after GP Richmond, will write up the sideboard guide again.


Updates Add

Round 1

Bye for my seasonal points. While I played in the finals of two GPTs I couldn't lock up either one.

Round 2 - UWR Geist 2-1

In some ways the Geist of Saint Traft version is the easier one to pray on. They tap out for Geist of Saint Traft and you get to end the game by putting a Daybreak Coronet or an Ethereal Armor into play.

Round 3 - Norin Soul Sisters 2-0

Game 2 got pretty silly, with both of us gaining 20-40 life a turn, but I finally built a big enough Kor Spiritdancer and suited it with Spirit Mantle to win through his near infinite chump blocks.

Round 4 - RG Tron 0-2

Got off to a strong start in Game 1, but a timely Oblivion Stone followed by Wurmcoil Engine stabilized him on 2 life. Game 2 was just a beating, I tried to move in on kor spiritdance and he had Karn Liberated that game on T3 or T4.

Round 5 - UWR 2-0

A nice rally win back off a good match-up.

Round 6 - Affinity 0-2

His first hand was the honest drop every single card and Thoughtcast T1. Game 2 I was just about to stabilize with lifelink, but he had the double Galvanic Blast to finish me off.

Only X-2 makes Day 2, so now I have to win out the rest of the day.

Round 7 - RUG Good Stuff 2-0

Wasn't quite sure what my opponent was on, luckily I avoided the snap decision of boarding into what could have been Tarmo-Twin and hitting a bunch of dead cards.

Round 8 - Merfolk 2-1

Game 1 he's on double Aether Vial and crafts a turn where is one shots me down from 20 life despite my 8 power lifelink in play. Game 2 and 3 are both closer, but my draws were just a little better.

Feeling pretty good at this point, one more win and I'm into day 2.

Round 9 - Storm 0-2 wah wah

Had managed to avoid any of my bad match-up all day, but in the match of two zero interactivity decks, the faster one wins. I think I need a better board plan for Storm.

6-3 was my final record.

All in all, my goal going in was to Day 2. While I missed out, it hinged on my last match of the day, so I'll call that cutting it close. I feel like that's a vast improvement to how I've played previously.

#2 in tournament @ Game Theory — Jan. 25, 2014
#2 in tournament @ Atomic Empire — Jan. 24, 2014
#7 in tournament @ Gaming Underground — Jan. 11, 2014
#5 in tournament @ Atomic Empire — Oct. 25, 2013
#4 in tournament @ Atomic Empire — Oct. 11, 2013


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