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Grixis Delver has a naturally painful land base and apart from the Delve fatties it relies a lot on grinding out matches for the win. Death's Shadow naturally fits in with this as I feel it provides a very useful late game threat as well as opening up the avenue of being active with discard via Thoughtseize/Inquisition of Kozilek rather than just reactive via Mana Leak etc.

Based off this deck

A lot of my current card choices are based off pieces I have, i.e.
- Obviously run Scalding Tarn if you have them rather than Flooded Strand
- Creeping Tar Pit is a flex spot for lands and is normally a Darkslick Shores
- Tombstalker in the 4th delve spot is a test at the moment but I have not been disappointed with the causing casting issues as we aren't as low on big threats because of Death's Shadow


Updates Add

Leading up to this I decided to take out the 2 main board Lightning Bolts and put 1 Temur Battle Rage and 1 Terminate in.

Match 1: 2-1 against G Tron
Game 1, he got T3 Tron and just did Tron things. Game 2 I board in 3 Ceremonious Rejections, 1 Blood Moon, 1 Stubborn Denial and 1 Pithing Needle, I take the 3 Pushes, Mana Leak and 2 IoK out. Game 2 I manage a T1 Thoughtseize and take his Wurmcoil, land a T2 Tasigur and Temur Battle Rage for the win on T5, Ceremonius Rejectioned his other Wurmcoil and Stubborn Denialed his Ugin to control the board. Game 3 we draw a lot of lands, but he still doesn't have Tron. I have a small Death's Shadow chipping away. I Serum Vision and draw a Street Wraith, and put a Blood Moon on top. Discard the Wraith, attack with a slightly bigger Death's Shadow, play Blood Moon. Was game over for him.

Match 2: 0-2 against Sun and Moon
Both games had a T2 Chalice of the Void on 1. Managed to land a Gurmag that ate a Wrath of God, he killed me with his Gideon of the Trials. In game 2, on top of the Chalice he had a T3 Rest in Peace... I manage to KCommad the Chalice, then I should have played 2 7/7 Death's Shadows instead of 1 as I feared a wrath which was stupid anyway as I lose against a Wrath either way. He top decks a Banishing Light and kills me that turn with his Gideon attacking for 6.

Match 3: 2-0 against Dredge
Game 1 I had 2 5/5 Death's Shadows on T3, he had some Blood Ghasts, quick win. Game 2 he mulled to 5 and kept a 1 lander. Couldn't draw into another land, he tried to Faithless Loot on T4 and I Stubborn Denialed it, pretty much played magic by myself

Match 4: 2-0 against Grixis Death's Shadow
Game 1 we ended up in top deck mode from all our control and removal. He had a hard casted Street Wraith and an 8/8 Death's Shadow. I had a 7/7 Death's Shadow. He passes with both untapped, I had Temur Battle Rage in hand and top deck a fetch land. Make my Death's Shadow a 10/10 and swing for 20 with trample. Game 2 we terminate each others Delve creatures, I manage to get a Death's Shadow down first and Temur Battle Rage for the win.


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