This is a deck focused on bringing out cards like Soldier of the Pantheon , Mirran Crusader , Hand of Honor , Devout Lightcaster and using Painter's Servant to come out and turn the opponent black so that they have protection against them. Or in the case of Soldier of the Pantheon if the opponent is already using a black deck, then painting them any other color to make them multi-colored.

Fauna Shaman and Eldritch Evolution is in there to make sure Painter's Servant will definitely be in the game.

Spectra Ward and Pentarch Ward are in there to also give Painter's Servant and Fauna Shaman protection.

Another fun thing about this deck is that Soldier of the Pantheon will be giving you 1 life per multicolored spell (which will be every spell) if you paint the enemy multi-colored.

Stillmoon Cavalier also has protection against black and is in there to give a little bit of protection against flyers, as is Voice of All and Pristine Angel .

Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants is there to beef creatures up and pull them out of the grave, especially important ones like Painter's Servant .

This is a work in progress and all feedback is welcome! I would love some sideboard recommendations too!


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