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Izzet Time for More Spells?

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The idea here is to cast spells... ALL THE SPELLS! I've recently dropped and then re-added Thing in the Ice   to mainboard, due to all of the horrors in Eldritch Moon. A flipped Thing in the Ice   only requires an Uncaged Fury + either Borrowed Hostility or Rush of Adrenaline to be lethal. That means you can have a T4 win with Thing as the fastest win (T2 titi, T3 cast 2 instants/sorceries, T4 cast uncaged fury + hostility or rush)! I've made a number of other changes and am in the process of testing this out. Any comments or ideas are appreciated, and remember to always +1 Upvote decks you like!

Mainboard Breakdown:

Anticipate is great for finding that specific spell you need. It helps a lot with consistency.

Bedlam Reveler has some great utility here. He's a horror, so he stays out from a titi flip, he has prowess... AND he will get me 3 card draw.

Burn from Within will help finish games where it gets mid-game and I just can't quite finish. I've had a few matchups where I got stuck with my opponent having only a few life left, and I just couldn't finish them off... so frustrating! This will allow me to both finish a player, or kill an indestructible creature.

Combat Celebrant can do a lot of work here. All of those pump spells and prowess abilities are until end of turn, so attacking twice after pumping the crap out of everything is normally game ending!

Fevered Visions is one of the main reasons I built this deck. I got two in a draft and really enjoyed it, and wanted to see what I could do with it in constructed. It's great for the card draw, and can be a constant issue for your opponent. Either play extra spells or take damage. Great mind-game card.

Slip Through Space is a great card for 1 mana. You get a draw, grow your prowess creatures and make them unblockable for so little mana... it's just kind of perfect. It's especially useful to hit a Thing in the Ice   if you won't be putting everything back into your opponents hand, or if they are playing with flash or instant token generators.

Soul-Scar Mage is replacing the much missed Elusive Spellfist. I had something I didn't like replacing it, but this guy is PERFECT! T1 drop 1/2 with prowess that's a wizard fits this deck perfectly. He's expensive right now because of the second ability I think, and I'm hoping he drops in price so I can grab a set.

Stormchaser Mage is a great 2 drop if you have the right mana, and should be pumped regularly from prowess.

Thing in the Ice   was one of the first cards I built this deck around. I can drop him T2, and then T3 cast 2 instant/sorcery spells to get him to 2 counters and then T4 hit him with Uncaged Fury and either of the 1 cost red buffs to get him to 20+ damage. Unfortunately, there are a lot more horrors around than when I first played with this guy, so depending on the deck, he may not be one-shot lethal mid-game unless you also have a Slip Through Space. He is still a big threat and a good blocker, so I'm trying him out again for now.

Borrowed Hostility , Rush of Adrenaline and Uncaged Fury make those prowess creatures hit HARD! Casting Uncaged Fury plus one of the 1 costs on a Mercurial Geists or Thing in the Ice   will get you 20+ damage, and trample if it's the Rush!

Sideboard Breakdown:

Disallow I have in here because I happened to have one of them lol. It takes the place of one Void Shatter

Disperse is here to put combo pieces back in hand before they can go off to give myself a little more time. Can also remove some creature I want gone for whatever reason. Lastly, it can be used defensively to protect my own things, which are cheap to play most of the time so I'm not worried about cost to put them back out.

Negate Will help against control decks.

Radiant Flames is a great 3 cost spell to hopefully wipe out your opponents early creatures.

Void Shatter helps with those pesky decks that can pull things out of their graveyard. Stopping a spell AND a chance of them bringing it back later, definitely worth 3 mana.

Honorable Mentions

Glorious End is a very interesting card. I pulled a copy of it and have thought of tossing it in here. End the opponents turn on upkeep and they still have to go through Fevered Visions, but they don't get to do anything else. Then I take a turn and hopefully end it :)


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