Spontaneous Mutation


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Common

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Spontaneous Mutation

Enchantment — Aura


Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets -X/-0, where X is the number of cards in your graveyard.

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Spontaneous Mutation Discussion

ColbaltCrome on Slow Roll Mill

3 weeks ago

I took a look at the deck, ran some play tests and it seems really fun, but there are some issues. Some of what I would bring up are already mentioned in your pros/cons list but, you need removal. You are in this for the long game, so you need some way to protect yourself from creatures and other things.

I spent some time on gatherer and came up with some suggestions:

  • Winds of Rebuke I would definitely run this one. 1. it is removal for non-creatures so you can mess up vehicles. 2. It contributes to delirium for Manic Scribe, it's an instant, and mills both you and your opponent adding to your own delirium.
  • Aether Meltdown Low cost, an aura, stops vehicles, adds energy and has flash, solid removal
  • Containment Membrane This one is harder to justify but you use enough low cost spells and want to go as long as possible so this may be very useful. It also stops crews for vehicles. It's not instant but could be useful.
  • Spontaneous Mutation more of a sideboard card, but flash one mana and based on the graveyard which you are trying to fill.

So those are my suggestions, sorry if this went on long, I just want to see mill work in Amonkhet or Hour of Destruction standard. Here's hoping for a mill on cycle card in the next set.

BubbleMatrix2357 on Hey Gideon, Control Your F*ckin' Drakes!

3 weeks ago

Thanks GrayAlchemyst, but I do already have 4 Cast Out, 4 Censor, 3 Forsake the Worldly, 3 Immolating Glare, 4 Negate, and a 1 Fumigate in the MB. Plus more Fumigate, Authority of the Consuls, Scatter to the Winds, and Engulf the Shore in my SB. And I would probably go with Thopter Arrest over Stasis Snare too, as it is more versatile, although without Flash. Seems like a lot of control to me haha! But I may look into the Spontaneous Mutation for my SB. Thanks again!

GrayAlchemyst on Hey Gideon, Control Your F*ckin' Drakes!

3 weeks ago

The Gideon and drakes plan is cool, but I agree with the first commenter that you lack enough control, may I recommend Cast Out Spontaneous Mutation Declaration in Stone or Stasis Snare

Orion93 on sram

2 months ago

Sigarda's Aid, Authority of the Consuls, Glint-Nest Crane

Those are Sram Deck musts to begin with. Whir of Invention is unnecessary usually but as a 1 of to find an aetherflux reservoir I understand it. I would lose the Inspiring Statuary completely if your deck isn't going to change much from what you have listed here. It's not doing much for you. At all.

Why not try a few good aura spells? Conviction is great with ornithopter. Or run things like Ice Over, Spontaneous Mutation, and Tightening Coils for a control field.

You'll do well in standard. Your control is heavy but easy to play and can help buy time for your combo. Maybe try a couple Turn Aside in side board. Or Encircling Fissure as a white fog. There are better cards. Those are just easy to get.

dotytron on INVERTER OF LIBRARIES (read desc.)

3 months ago

i like the idea, i feel like Galvanic BombardmentInvasive SurgerySpontaneous MutationTake Inventory all seem to fit the bill decently here

euananddalesaccount on Millhouse Blues

5 months ago


Awoken Horror  Flip?

Also, instead of Aether Meltdown, why not use Spontaneous Mutation instead? It's better in mid-late game, and 1 mana rather than 2.

OBDog11 on Tap it down (Gravity Bomb)

5 months ago

I'd like to make a few suggestions, as I have played this deck since I saw his video the day after it was posted.

  1. This deck is dead against control, and there is a card called Sphinx of the Final Word. It makes them cry, and should replace Spontaneous Mutation as a 2-of in the side. Mutation is helpful, but SotFW is vital against control.

  2. Niblis of Frost is great in here, so please run four in the main. It can replace one Grip of the Roil because it is fairly overpriced without surge, and you want to cast it during your opponent's draw step, which means you won't be hitting surge every time.

  3. The decision to switch Geralf's Masterpiece for Torrential Gearhulk makes sense, but masterpiece is strong in here. He will be made even stronger (as a three-of, which I will address later) if you add four Thing in the Ice  Flip because he will stay out when the Thing flips. I would replace all four Rush of Ices with it because sorcery speed is bad and the awaken isn't that helpful. Torrential is also fairly short on valuable targets in here, and isn't worth it to this deck. On top of that, getting to six lands does not happen every game, so it has potential to be a totally dead card.

  4. Void Shatter. Full four in the side replacing Spell Shrivel and Deny Existence. It is significantly better than both.

  5. Replace Disperse with Imprisoned in the Moon because it permanently stops them. Tapping for mana doesn't matter if you can turn their liliana into a literal waste instead of just delaying it. Also, flavor.

  6. Uninvited Geist  Flip is nice because it still gets through even if you can't keep all of their creatures down, and it triggers Nebelgast Herald. It should replace one Stitched Mangler, one Geralf's Masterpiece, and one Nebelgast Herald.

Samuel-Frederick on $10 Mono Blue Control Ultra Budget

5 months ago

Hey Dr.Woodenstein, just a few ideas I'm going to throw your way.

Firstly, you're running 64 cards, and this really wants to be 60. I assume it's just an oversight, which is easily done, so I won't bore you with why you should only be running 60 lol.

Anyway. The deck is really slow of the ground. Now this is fine when playing against mid-range and control of course, but aggro will run straight through it. To fix the issue, simply run some one and two mana answers to those pesky problems that are aggressive creatures. You just need to slow them down for long enough to get into the mid game, and then it's all yours. So, how about some enchantments? Sensory Deprivation, or Spontaneous Mutation (worse in the early game, but lets you leave counter mana open). -3 may not seem all that exciting, but it is. It stops or hugely hinders any early game creature for only one mana, it keeps you alive from the first turn. Same with the two mana cards of Pin to the Earth, Tightening Coils, or Aether Meltdown if you want to play instant speed for counter magic. You also have Ice Cage, Spectral Prison, and Narcolepsy. Dealing fast with annoying creatures.

You don't have to use enchantments of course. Now you are running disperse, which I appreciate is instant speed and deals with more than just creatures. But think about Clutch of Currents, and Rush of Ice. They are one mana, which is so important, and in the mid game give you blockers and win conditions.

Then let us look at creatures. I'm a lover of the two mana value creatures that are available to control, such as the younger siblings of Snapcaster Mage; Augur of Bolas, and Omenspeaker. Nice blockers, and give you a guaranteed bonus. Or the younger sibling of Solemn Simulacrum, Filigree Familiar. Now for win cons, you're running five, both the Sphinx and Aetherling. They are taking up a lot of room. These creatures are hard to deal with for an opponent before you take into account the amount of counters you're running. Personally, I'd be happy with only running two. Choose your favourite and run two of it. The reason I don't want five is that they are all competing for the same role, high mana win condition. If you want to run more creatures then add in creatures that do a job but in a different mana slot, such as Dungeon Geists, cheap, flying, removal, and in an uncompleted slot.

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