Spontaneous Mutation


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Common

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Spontaneous Mutation

Enchantment — Aura


Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets -X/-0, where X is the number of cards in your graveyard.

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Spontaneous Mutation Discussion

Ares111123 on Shenanigans were Foretold

15 hours ago

taiga277677 im aware of Supreme Wills ability. What i was saying is it could allow me to "draw" into another instant. I do have 8 cycle cards in the deck with the cycle lands and more often then not i will be getting amazing card advantage late game between Rashmi, Eternities Crafter and As Foretold and am able to cycle them for something useful. Spontaneous Mutation isnt meant for a T1 drop, it's meant to be played T4 with As Foretolds ability. This is why im not viewing it as a removal slot but as a 1 drop slot (meaning replacing it with more expensive removal isnt what i want to do).

Reason / Believe i may replace with Spontaneous Mutation as it's card advantage and can cheat in a big creature. For oath i would already be running it but it doesnt hit As Foretold so it could throw that off of the top of your deck. Renegade is a maybe and i'll put in when theres an open slot in the deck.

Thanks I was worried about that as well but Glory-Bound Initiate fixed that for me with its big body and life gain. All you need to do with this deck is survive until T6 and at that point As Foretold has 3 counters and you can play 3 cards within a turn cycle (1 with your lands, 1 with foretold on your turn, and 1 with foretold on your opponents turn). The major thing about hitting 3 counters is you can play your counters for free. I've had opponents misplay cards because they were afraid of me casting a Disallow even tho my lands were tapped.

taiga277677 on Shenanigans were Foretold

1 day ago

Supreme Will places them on the bottom of the deck for 2nd ability, not graveyard. It is also a turn 3 play. Spontaneous Mutation will not work well unless, for example, you run cycling, and even then that doesnt make it a good turn 1-2 play (might as well make it straight up removal past that like Stasis Snare, Declaration in Stone or Cast Out.

1 drops are lacking in these colors tho, the good removal 1 drops are in black and red atm :/ only other things i see for turn 1 play is Reason / Believe, Oath of Nissa, Narnam Renegade with that 1/2 deathtouch body, sideboard stuff (Blossoming Defense can be an option tho to protect a creature or trade up).

I like the deck tho, just skeptical(?) about there being enough early game plays as your curve is stacking a lot on 3 drops. Why i recommended selfess, you would have more on 2 drop curve.

Ares111123 on Shenanigans were Foretold

1 day ago

taiga277677 I've been looking at all the possible 1 drops that could go into this deck and none of them are standing out. Spontaneous Mutation will now have more cards backing it up with the addition of Supreme Will in more ways then one. Supreme Will itself will hit the graveyard after being cast as well as allow me to dig into my library and remove cards that wouldn't be helpful and pick up another Supreme Will or Disallow to keep adding to Spontaneous Mutation.

Ares111123 on Shenanigans were Foretold

1 day ago

Thanks for the feedback taiga277677!

I like the idea of replacing Spontaneous Mutation since i dont have much hitting the graveyard anymore. It was extremely effective in making my opponents creatures useless while i was running a playset of Selfless Spirit.

The reason why i dropped Selfless Spirit was i went up against a RW deck that ran a playset of Glory-Bound Initiate and it was brutal to go up against. The only way i won the round was by dropping Spontaneous Mutation after Spontaneous Mutation on each of his Glory-Bound Initiate and sacking Selfless Spirit for practically no reason until i was able to get Brisela, Voice of Nightmares. So after that game i threw in 4 Glory bounds myself for the early life and to force my opponent to drop removal on it instead of a Spell Queller that could be locking down a very important spell. Now i have been thinking of dropping Aven Mindcensor to add a couple of the spirits.

I dont see the value in nissa over Gid's. Late game top deck he takes a combat phase away from my opponent (as they now have to kill him instead of me) and with protection he helps control the board by rendering one of my opponents creatures useless.

taiga277677 on Shenanigans were Foretold

1 day ago

swap Spontaneous Mutation for better removal. Your deck doesn't look like it builds up much of a graveyard. maybe Unsummon, Take into Custody, or Immolating Glare?

Also, -1 Bruna, Nissa, Voice of Zendikar might be better than that gideon for your deck. Selfless Spirit is another good 2 drop creature and works well if you ever decide to sideboard boardwipes like Fumigate.

ACDAMAN on U/R Fling Fling

1 month ago

Replace Spontaneous Mutation with some kind of counter... Disallow or Dispel or Essence Scatter (Might wanna put the last two in the sideboard with a few Ceremonious Rejections to replace with the mainboard counters if the opponent is playing artifacts)

Anyway, seems fun! +1!

ColbaltCrome on Slow Roll Mill

2 months ago

I took a look at the deck, ran some play tests and it seems really fun, but there are some issues. Some of what I would bring up are already mentioned in your pros/cons list but, you need removal. You are in this for the long game, so you need some way to protect yourself from creatures and other things.

I spent some time on gatherer and came up with some suggestions:

  • Winds of Rebuke I would definitely run this one. 1. it is removal for non-creatures so you can mess up vehicles. 2. It contributes to delirium for Manic Scribe, it's an instant, and mills both you and your opponent adding to your own delirium.
  • Aether Meltdown Low cost, an aura, stops vehicles, adds energy and has flash, solid removal
  • Containment Membrane This one is harder to justify but you use enough low cost spells and want to go as long as possible so this may be very useful. It also stops crews for vehicles. It's not instant but could be useful.
  • Spontaneous Mutation more of a sideboard card, but flash one mana and based on the graveyard which you are trying to fill.

So those are my suggestions, sorry if this went on long, I just want to see mill work in Amonkhet or Hour of Destruction standard. Here's hoping for a mill on cycle card in the next set.

BubbleMatrix2357 on Hey Gideon, Control Your F*ckin' Drakes!

2 months ago

Thanks GrayAlchemyst, but I do already have 4 Cast Out, 4 Censor, 3 Forsake the Worldly, 3 Immolating Glare, 4 Negate, and a 1 Fumigate in the MB. Plus more Fumigate, Authority of the Consuls, Scatter to the Winds, and Engulf the Shore in my SB. And I would probably go with Thopter Arrest over Stasis Snare too, as it is more versatile, although without Flash. Seems like a lot of control to me haha! But I may look into the Spontaneous Mutation for my SB. Thanks again!

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