Enduring Ideal fell out of favor in Legacy and is too slow in Modern. There aren't any polished up-to-date Legacy Ideal builds out there, so here's a (largely academic) attempt at making the most competitive one possible.


Enduring Ideal is a combo deck which just tries to cast Ideal as quickly as possible. An un-countered Ideal almost always wins the game (except against the most overwhelming boards additionally backup by removal). All you need to do is choose the correct sequence of enchantments to tutor. See Enduring Ideal sequencing below.

This build casts Ideal on turn 3.7 average, often backed up by Orim's Chant. We omit cards like Lotus Bloom which are too slow (turn 4 at the earliest). Orcish Lumberjack is incredible, allowing turn 2 Ideal if we have Pentad Prism and 1 or 2 additional ramp. On the other hand, it might just be removal magnet, being one of the few creatures. Having and for Brainstorm and Sylvan Library also gives us excellent consistency compared to other builds. While we don't need , we splash Badlands just for powerful Burning Wish targets in the Sideboard.

Enduring Ideal sequencing

Our first tutor is almost always Solitary Confinement (if our opponent might have lethal), Dovescape (to shut down removal and anything noncreature), or overwhelming Splendor (against creature-based interaction or combo).

Our second tutor is often Pernicious Deed to wipe the board. If that's not necessary, see below:

If we started with Solitary, our next tutor is usually Dovescape, which basically Time Walks our opponent until we run out of cards, at which point we've already tutored a hard lock.

If we started with Dovescape, the next most common sequences are:

Dovescape > Sandwurm Convergence > Form of the Dragon (Sandwurm prevents any of the birds from attacking and clogs up the ground. Finally Form and Sandwurm quickly close out the game.)

Dovescape > Splendor > Form (Dove + Splendor prevents any interaction. Finally Form prevents any further attack and closes out the game.)

If we started with Splendor, our sequence is usually Splendor > Form/Dovescape > Dovescape/Form (Splendor takes care of flying, so we just need to lock down creatures and noncreatures)

Last but not least, Starfield of Nyx is very powerful, allowing us to reanimate any enchantments unlimitedly (e.g. unlimited board wipes with Pernicious Deed). We can even discard and reanimate enchantments we failed to shuffle back with Brainstorm.

What's with the sideboard?

According to tournament rules, "a card that's 'outside the game' is one thats in your sideboard," so Burning Wish lets us tutor from our sideboard. So we can load our sideboard with juicy niche cards which wreck specific different decks. (Further description to come.) However, the primary reason for Burning Wish is so we can tutor the single sideboard copy of Ideal, giving us 7 copies of Ideal.


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