Wilted Abzan is a stupid name....

This deck started out as The Mean Modern Scrapper at my local LGS's Modern night. If you're too lazy to click the link, it's a very consistant and fun selesnya aggro deck. Then some pro somewhere also figured out (like I did forever ago) that Wilt-Leaf Liege is a crazy good card, but they decided to splash black as well to play Siege Rhino along with a few other black cards. I figured that since I practically had their deck put together already I'd try it out too, although with a few changes.

I play the full 4 Wilt-Leaf Liege since that card is the biggest draw to playing the deck. Every other creature in the deck besides the mana dorks are GW, so they get +2/+2 just by having the Liege in play. The 4 Siege Rhinos are the main reason to splash black, since they natually have trample and help gain back the life lost due to our 3-color manabase. MD finks, Voices, and Lingering Souls give the deck so much resiliency against removal that opposing control decks need to 2-for-1 themselves often to get rid of my threats. A turn 2 Finks or Smiter is often enough to discourage Aggro decks from attacking, and the threats only get bigger from there. The burn matchup is easily winnable, and there is plenty of MD disruption against Splinter Twin decks. Tron is a tougher matchup, but since nobody in my meta pilots that deck anymore I find it positioned well.

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The last two times I took this deck to SSG game night, it's won me 3rd place each time. I consider that pretty good since we only ever get 8 people to play so 3 rounds is all we get. Toughest matchups were Soul Sisters and Amulet Bloom. Twin was laughably easy, and burn felt 50/50, but I've changed the SB to shore that one up. I'm pretty impressed with this deck's consistency, and I think I wouldn't be sad taking this to a larger event.

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