Psychic Venom

Psychic Venom

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant land

Whenever enchanted land becomes tapped, Psychic Venom deals 2 damage to that land's controller.

Psychic Venom Discussion

Caerwyn on punishment for tapping / untapping

5 months ago

Did a quick Gatherer search, here are some that have not already been mentioned:

Gattison on TappedOut

1 year ago

turns out Psychic Venom is MTGO legal.

PoorManSam on TappedOut

1 year ago

Gattison I’ll give it a shot, and thank you! Is Psychic Venom pauper legal? I wasn’t sure if it was on MTGO. Even so I’ll give it a shot. Thanks again, great advice!

Gattison on TappedOut

1 year ago

I think -2 Toils of Night and Day, -1 Spreading Seas (or something like that) and at least +3 Psychic Venom could help.

Opt could be another cheap option for more draw (beyond the obvious crap like Preordain).

Oh and maybe Echoing Truth for the sideboard against weenies. And something to combat aura hexproof and protection and stuff like that.

I like the idea too, so I hope some of that helps. Let me know how it performs. =)

[email protected]_only on Pattern Recognition #91 - Mana ...

1 year ago

I will say, land destruction is my least favorite mechanic. I understand why it exists, and in some cases it is necissary. that said, blink-riders in standard was one of the few times that I ended up taking over a year long break from magic.

oddly, land hate wans't always (or even primarily) red. black and blue had some solid hozing abilities right at the start.

Erosion and Psychic Venom were punishing as hell for early game, and while it may not destroy the land, Phantasmal Terrain does mess with mana bases pretty well. Evil Presence and Blight helped round out Sinkhole for black. red had Stone Rain, Boil, Flashfires, and Fissure. blue had Volcanic Eruption and Acid Rain, (to counter act green's Tsunami, or Desert Twister). White had color hate for days with Drought and Conversion to name a few

oddly enough, the color pie was really into opposing color hate and ally color help at the start.

I don't think it was really until urza's block that red came to the forefront. and what a forefront it was. Wake of Destruction. as in, "see that mono colored deck over there? END THEM."

Ravenrose on Accursed Potions and Twisted Notions

1 year ago

I love this deck! Everything from the name down to the theme and synergy is impeccable. It is a little stereotypical but hey, it is creative and well done. May I also suggest Polymorphist's Jest and Snakeform? Psychic Venom is also a good one - in the Medieval Age, witches were believed to be able to poison the mind of their victims and make psychic attacks. Palace Familiar is synergy (owlet's wing). Curse of the Swine is related to Circe, the Ancient Greek Witch of Aiaia, daughter of Helios and Perse (mother of witches). In some myths, she is believed to be the daughter of Hekate, Mother and Goddess of all witches, witchcraft, folk in the road, necromancy, the moon, dogs and divination. This deck is missing a counterspell so why not try Swan Song. My last suggestion is Mystical Tutor. I hope these help!

If you have some time would you look at my Morai, Otherworld, Pagan and Dracarys decks?

greySynapse on

1 year ago

I'd remove Bump in the Night to help your deck focus on protecting your creatures and getting more creatures into your deck altogether.

Damage from Psychic Venom can be ignored by low CMC decks like Burn and U/R Delver which can play off their other lands or MBC which mitigates life-loss with Gray Merchant of Asphodel.

I'd cut those 6 and bring in: 4th copy of Vapor Snag, 3 copies of Mutagenic Growth to protect your creatures from burn and get in for more damage, 2 copies of Elusive Spellfist which has a mini-prowess effect and becomes unblockable when you play any non-creature spell that turn.

Since you're playing U you have access to cards like: Preordain, Ponder, Brainstorm, Gush, and Daze to perform a variety of functions like helping you draw/filter cards.

UB gives you access to: Soul Manipulation (can be played as a 1-of or 2-of) and potentially Probe as a 1-of.

BS-T on

1 year ago

Am I missing something with Misery Charm? There must be better if you're trying black burn - even the new M19 Sovereign's Thirst not on TO yet!. Or is that just a meta call against troublesome Clerics?

The Psychic Venom is an interesting choice, dodges removal better than a beater and probably gets used most turns for 2 damage, but it wants playing super early and not sure I'd want to take a turn off to cast it... Hmmm...

Maybe I'd prefer more e.g. Negate to force through burn against another counterspell or keep your (few) creatures from eating removal?

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