Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Welcome Deck 2016 Common
2010 Core Set Common

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Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +3/+3.

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Oakenform Discussion

Argy on green/blue/white by tom

2 weeks ago

I have some notes.

I think you could remove:

2x Marked by Honor
2x Oakenform

The thing with Auras is, because they are attached to a Creature and go to the Graveyard if that Creature dies, you get "2 for 1ed" by your Opponent.

What that means is that they only have to play one card, Murder for example, to get rid of two of your cards - your Creature plus the Aura on it.

The only time you'd use Auras is if they have a couple of really amazing effects.

See if you have any cards you can use instead that kill, or Exile Creatures, or that Counter spells.

You have a healthy amount of draw.

Prophetic Prism did a good job of preventing you from being colored screwed. That is when you don't have the right coloured mana to play cards in your hand.

You have 15 Creature spells that cost 4CMC or higher. That is too many.

I would try to have four 4CMC Creature spells and two or three 5CMC or above Creature spells. Choose the ones you think will help you win and cut the rest.

In their place you can put more Creature spells that cost 1, 2, and 3CMC.

Look for Creatures that have 2 or 3 toughness (or even more than that), good evasion like Flying, or Menace, or Creatures that do something amazing in the late game.

When you've made some adjustments tag me in these Comments, and I'll take another look at your deck.

It would also be useful for you to let us know how it has been working, thus far.

bellz76 on W/G Lifegain (WiP) (seeking help)

3 weeks ago

Oloro makes some decent points, get the deck to 60 totals cards... right away. I would suggest increase your land. Depending on which way you take this deck, you'll need at least 22, maybe even 24 if you put some of the bigger casting cost spells. I don't know what kind of budget you're working with, but Canopy Vista and Fortified Village are legal through September 29 of this year, and Scattered Groves is good for the next 2 years. They are some good options for your mana base.

Cast Out is a great removal spell- I agree and think you should you run them.

The stuff about the energy is ok, but it could change your deck configuration substantially. Green has some great energy cards like Bristling Hydra, but then you would ned to add the energy support cards like Attune with Aether, not just the land.

Cards that just give you life aren't very good. The better approach are cards that give you life AND present other options. For example, Blessed Alliance gives you the option to get 4 life (to flip your rider), or act as some removal to make them sack a guy, or even a surprise combat trick to untap 2 of your guys (one of which could be the Glory-Bound Initiate mentioned earlier)... OR you could mix and match them as you need. It's a versatile card that is way better than the Chaplain's Blessing.

Also, Oakenform and Dusk is a nom-bo. Your going to kill whatever you enchant if you have to cast it... If you're looking to play ramp spells, it's probably better the instant\ sorcery type. If you do want to play the board wipes in the main deck, then you'll want some recurring creatures- any with the embalm mechanic or the new eternalize would be good.

I think what you have listed here is several deck ideas tossed together. And in order for you to be successful, you need to focus the deck to do 1 or 2 things really well. I know you want to play with life gain, so you could do an energy theme and look for some life gain cards there... or you could focus on the cards that have life link and just use pump spells on them, or you could go heavy tokens with Anointed Procession and Anointer Priest.

Either way, good luck with it.

Oloro_Magic on W/G Lifegain (WiP) (seeking help)

3 weeks ago

Mighty Leap is bad because it takes up space that can devoted to removal but I too have used it for simple evasion so that is why people are telling you it is bad. First things first get to 60 cards it makes your deck so much more consistent, I know you like Oakenform but it can go. Lifegain isn't really a thing in standard now outside of abzan tokens but this is an interesting deck. First off, the most important thing for a deck to be competitive is to have some form of removal. Cast Out is currently the best option available to you as it has the versatility of being able to cycle when you don't need it. Aethersphere Harvester is another card that could be interesting in your deck but then you also need 4 Aether Hub and probably Servant of the Conduit. I would get rid of Long Road Home for Anointer Priest as that would trigger when you embalm Sacred Cat You could also look at the Glory-Bound Initiate + Always Watching interaction; swinging for 5 lifelink each turn can really gain you a lot of life. If you have any questions let me know.

justinds89 on Garruk's Horde Needs Updated

2 months ago

Also noticed Oakenform doesn't have the option for set 2017 either.

Hyato on

5 months ago

In my opinion you have very few creatures, so your infect possibilities are really low as of now. If you're willing to splash some blue, you can also add Thrummingbird, Tezzeret's Gambit, Viral Drake and Blighted Agent. Proliferate can help you add one counter when the opponent least suspects, so it can be useful.

But if you want to keep it mono-green I suggest getting better buffs, trading Battlegrowth, Forced Adaptation and Oakenform for bigger ones, like Giant Growth, Titanic Growth and/or Might of Oaks (which is a bit more expensive, but a very good surprise). Maybe some other forms of Fog too, like Defend the Hearth and Commencement of Festivities. The strategy being waiting for a Lure to come, so you can swing hard with everything else you got. Considering you just need 10 poison counters to win, it shouldn't be hard. Other cards with similar effects are Prized Unicorn and Noble Quarry.

Travman13 on Well, that hurts.... (Pauper Bogles)

5 months ago

Try subbing Oakenform for Armadillo Cloak. I think trample and sudo lifelink is pretty good. You can Armadillo Cloak your opponent's creature to zero out their damage due to the sudo lifelink. Also, look at Aura Gnarlid, that thing gets bigger with all auras on the battlefield. Utopia Sprawl your forests for mana fixing. Maybe replace 4 forest for Khalni Garden so you don't lose your hexproof creatures to Chainer's Edict & Diabolic Edict or similar where the player is the target.

BlaineTog on Red/Green Wolf Deck

6 months ago

This isn't too bad, considering you're working from a limited card pool. Your ratio of creatures to spells to lands is pretty decent and you even have some removal in there as well.

To improve the deck, the first thing you're going to want to do is cut down on variance, by which I mean you want to focus on including full playsets of cards rather than single copies of each. If you want this to be a Werewolves deck, that means you need to start by cutting out the non-werewolves, then include more cards that reward you for running werewolves. Howlpack Resurgence is a great card for the werewolf tribe, for example, so you should be running 4 of them.

Next, remove auras whenever possible. I realize it feels great to buff one of your guys with Oakenform but you're actually making yourself vulnerable: now your opponent gets to put two of your cards into the graveyard with one of their kill spells instead of just one. Oakenform and Wolfkin Bond should be the first cards you cut.

SaffronOlive posted on MTG Goldfish a few days ago that's worth checking out for inspiration. He was kinda down on the tribe but I've found Werewolves to be a lot of fun and really powerful in the right circumstances. You don't need to buy all the pricier cards to have a decent deck for playing with your friends, either; cut out the dual lands, the planeswalkers, and the Smuggler's Copters and his list would only run you like $15.

KingLost on Red/Green: Pack Mentality

9 months ago

Oakenform does work great with Wandering Wolf

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