Flaying Tendrils


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Magic Duels Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Flaying Tendrils


Devoid (This card has no colour.)

All creatures get -2/-2 until end of turn. If a creature would die this turn, exile it instead.

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Flaying Tendrils Discussion

chadsansing on The Approach of the Evil Scientist's Evil Tricycle

1 week ago

Hollow One seems worth testing here, and I like trying Esper here instead of Rakdos.

You may want to run a few U card-draw spells with discard like Catalog, Compulsive Research, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, Magus of the Bazaar, or Thirst for Knowledge.

You may also want to mess around with cards like Funeral Charm, Inquisition of Kozilek, and Thoughtseize to let you disrupt opponent's early plays or discard your own cards for a Hollowed One, if you play it. I think Pack Rat + Hollowed one would be sweet in this deck, too.

Run some light mainboard removal against humans like Flaying Tendrils with Echoing Truth in the sideboard.

You'll want multiple Disenchant in the sideboard to get rid of graveyard hate, and maybe some Leyline of Sanctity to avoid losing value on your cycle cards to other players' hand-disruption.

Rule of Law and Grand Abolisher are probably good sideboard cards versus Control, and a Worship + Pack Rat seems great. Maybe also a Renewed Faith, Blessed Alliance, Sphinx's Revelation, or a Kor Firewalker or Burrenton Forge-Tender or two for the Burn/Zoo match-up.

Have fun!

WolverineSR_71 on Ashiok and fun with Exile

1 week ago

You could try Declaration in Stone or Flaying Tendrils in the sideboard for a sweeper. Maybe Oblivion Ring or Cast Out for removal or cards like that (enchantments that exile)

Naksu on Treefolkdancing my way to competitive scene!

1 month ago

Bontu's Last Reckoning works well together with Timber Protector and Selfless Spirit. Rest in Peace is against gy tactics, so I'm not sold on Flaying Tendrils. I'll give it some testing.

I think I had 2 slots for Stony Silence in the past, but ran into so few decks I actually sided it in, that I kind of settled for Nature's Claim for enchantments too. I will flex the SB according to what I run into most, so it will find its way back when I feel the need.

Thanks for your feedback.

Entrei on Treefolkdancing my way to competitive scene!

1 month ago

Instead of Bontu's Last Reckoning try Flaying Tendrils. While it may not get rid of everything, it completely shuts down dredge, and lets you tap for mana on the next turn.

Additionally, I'm noticing a lack of Stony Silence in SB. Any particular reason I'm not seeing?

Grubbernaut on 4C Pyromentor - PRIMER

1 month ago

Note: TappedOut isn't reflecting changes to the deck description, so... here's the updated one, below!

Tokens and disruption -- can it work in modern? Talk to me, and let's make Pyromentor a real, competitive deck!


This deck is trying to win by overwhelming our opponent by producing tokens. We play hand hate to pave the way for our token generators, and removal to clean up the creatures that resolve. By turn 4, we're trying to resolve multiple spells per turn to create lots of elementals or monks. We have tons of chump blockers for fatties, and so many draw/loot spells that we can maintain our mid game momentum.

I prefer 4 color for this deck because it increases consistency over the mardu build. In its current iteration, this deck has 18 loot or cantrip spells, most of them costing only 1 mana! This means that we can keep a lot more hands, and we mulligan much better. We also keep doing better in the mid game; whereas in Mardu you might cast a Lightning Bolt or a removal spell and net one Elemental token, once your hand runs dry you're going to stall. With blue, you can cantrip into other cantrips, Thought Scour to hit Lingering Souls, and you've got both Faithless Looting and Chart a Course to pitch Souls to, or just to filter out the extra lands you don't need in the mid/late game. You'll usually have a Faithless Looting in your yard to flashback in the mid game for extra gas, too. Overall, the ability to function more reliably and also to keep casting multiple spells per turn is more important to me than the abundance of removal offered by the mardu build.


We have three main types of nonland cards in this deck: Token generators, dig cards, and disruption.


Young Pyromancer is the star of this deck. Don't get me wrong, when you can get a Monastery Mentor up and running, it's more oppressive; the trouble is getting it out and keeping it alive. Dropping a Pyro on turn 2 and making three elementals on turn 3 is almost always better than playing a Mentor and waiting until turn 4. Mentor gives you a lot more gas mid/late game when you have more mana available, but in general, our focus is going to be on getting Pyro online. This is also the reason you'll see Mentor sided out against some of the faster decks in our sideboard notes.

In the same category but functioning very differently is Lingering Souls. In general, we're almost always trying to cast it from our graveyard; it's a perfect pitch card to our loot spells, and costing 2 mana is significantly easier on this deck than costing 3. Not only that, but in the first three turns, we're generally not wanting to have to fetch up a white source (pre-sideboard), so the flashback cost helps fix our mana.


Thought Scour is fantastic for putting Lingering Souls in our yard. Mid/late game, it's also nice to have it mill Faithless Looting or just get rid of extra lands that we no longer need.

Faithless Looting is probably our best dig spell. We can pitch extra lands, Souls, Mentor if we don't have a hand/mana to support it, and we can even flash it back for extra gas later on.

Opt is run more heavily than Serum Visions in this deck because we generally want to function immediately, and having the Scry before drying can make a big difference. Furthermore, we fetch a LOT in this deck, so often we'll lose the cards we wanted to keep on top. Instants are also slightly preferably to sorceries for our Monks and Mentors.

Serum Visions is a two-of, and it does have its place; if we keep a one-lander opening hand, the Scry 2 can make a big difference in setting up our game moving forward. Visions also has a micro-synergy with Thought Scour; if we keep a Lingering Souls on top we can mill it with Scour.

Chart a Course is an all-star in this build, as well; depending on our hands, we can use it to pitch Lingering Souls, or we can simply draw 2 for 2, which is great in this deck. Netting an extra card while producing tokens is never a bad thing in Pyromentor.


Inquisition of Kozilek is our ideal turn 1 play. This deck isn't built in such a way that it can easily run counterspells, so we want to strip away anything annoying ASAP; cards to watch out for are Ratchet Bomb, Kozilek's Return, Flaying Tendrils or even just their removal or cheap threats. We run Inquisition over Thoughtseize because this build requires so much fetching and shocking that the life loss is too risky.

Fatal Push hits every aggro threat in modern except for the delve fatties and titans.

Murderous Cut hits the Delve fatties and the big boys from Tron. We can almost always fuel it by turn 3 with things like Faithless Looting and Thought Scour

Lightning Bolt is usually going to end up being a burn spell, but will kill a lot of relevant things like Snapcaster Mage, Creeping Tar Pit, and most humans. I want to test this more, because I feel there could be a build with less or no Bolts in order to swap in Path to Exile or Murderous Cut; more finagling is needed.


Apostle's Blessing to push back against Echoing Truth or Maelstrom Pulse type cards

Rest in Peace for any Snapcaster Mage decks (Shadow, Jeskai), and Storm

Leyline of Sanctity for Storm, burn, 8 rack

Duress for disruption; essentially I think this is better than counterspells in this deck because you're generating your Pyro/Mentor tokens immediately on your turn. Also isn't as conditional as Spell Pierce or Dispel

Disenchant mainly for Chalice of the Void; Chalice on 1 hurts us a ton. Also good for affinity, tron, Blood Moon and Azcanta

Singleton plains for fueling Disenchant against Blood Moon

Boros Charm for Kozilek's Return/etc

SB notes


In: 2x Duress, 2x Disenchant

Out: 2x Fatal Push, 2x Lightning Bolt

Grixis Shadow

In: 3x Rest in Peace

Out: 3x Lightning Bolt


In: 3x Rest in Peace, 2x Leyline of Sanctity, 2x Duress

Out: 2x Murderous Cut, 2x Opt, 2x Serum Visions, 1x Fatal Push


In: 2x Disenchant

Out: 1x Serum Visions, 1x Monastery Mentor


In: 2x Rest in Peace, 2x Duress

Out: 1x Monastery Mentor, 1x Serum Visions, 2x Murderous Cut


No change


In: 2x Leyline of Sanctity

Out: 2x Serum Visions

Entrei on Flaying tendrils

1 month ago

So I was going over my sideboard for my sultai combo list, and was mourning the fact that I could not run Anger of the Gods as a secondary answer to affinity/dredge/go wide decks.

Lo and behold, a FNM Flaying Tendrils caught my eye. Not quite as efficient as anger, but nonetheless efficient if red isn't in your deck. This brings me to my question: is Flaying Tendrils a useable boardwipe in modern when Damnation is also a thing?

Listing the benefits and drawbacks of each:


Pros: Kills everything,they can't be regenerated

Cons: 4 mana

Flaying Tendrils

Pros: exiles everything it kills, 3 mana, gets around the rare indestructible creature

Cons: fails to kill larger creatures without pre-existing combat damage


zephyr_chang on D'scarred (Lili-less 8-Rack?!)

2 months ago

I want to say the problem is that you don't have Liliana of the Veil, which really does all the things this deck wants to do, but I'm not sure if not including that card is a budget consideration. I have played 8-Rack for some time, so maybe my personal observations: 1. I'm not sure if this deck needs Sign in Blood, much less 4 copies. What has been your experience with that card? 2. You have 7 cards that triggers only when the opponent discards a card - Liliana's Caress, Waste Not and Quest for the Nihil Stone. This number may be too high, especially since the only 'repeatable' discard you have is Raven's Crime. If you play LOTV, I would say some number of those cards are still playable. As it is, I only see people play Waste Not in 8-Rack, and only as a sideboard card. 3. Most people would say that 22 lands is a bit low if you want to play 4 Smallpox, and if you have any Mutavaults and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth you could always pop them in.

Is there any reason why you are not playing a more stock 8-rack list? I'm guessing it's the cost? In any case, some budget replacements I have been trying include things like Blinkmoth Nexus, Tomb of Urami, Phyrexian Totem, Delirium Skeins, Blackmail, Bontu's Last Reckoning, Flaying Tendrils etc.

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