Flaying Tendrils


Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Uncommon
Promo Set Rare

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Flaying Tendrils


Devoid (This card has no colour.)

All creatures get -2/-2 until end of turn. If a creature would die this turn, exile it instead.

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Flaying Tendrils Discussion

viperfang4 on Viper's Esper Control

1 day ago

I am thinking that if Ulamog was not in the format Cast Out would be great, but that card is dead in that matchup, and it is 4 mana in control matchups when it could be removed. I am thinking of getting rid of it for other answers, 3 Anguished Mainboard might be pretty good. I am to the point against marvel of mainboarding some specific hate for it, that shell is just so hard to deal with and my LGS is getting overrun with marvel variants (around 25% of the decks and growing).

Marvel Rant: The shell is just annoying cause it can go wide mainly with Whirler Virtuoso and go big with Ulamog. So, if you deal with the go wide, you didn't deal with aetherworks or ulamog. If you deal with aetherworks, you get beat down by the rest of the shell. Something that Eastside Rock said over on his grixis control deck is that against aggro/midrange you side in more removal and against control/combo you side in more counters. When a deck does something on both sides of that structure emerges, control can barely deal with it. It is why the 4 color cat did better than the jeskai cat. Control and Combo are on the same side of the spectrum, while the 4 color was on the opposite. Cat combo had more points of reaction and I minded it less than this as you had to get 2 things out for it to work so you could still use on board removal. Marvel you have to stop on the stack or before, once it hits the field, there is no interaction, they tap and ulamog. I Dispossessed marvel 4 games and still only won 1, got steamrolled by virtuoso once, and got hard cast ulamog twice on because this deck is meant to stabilize and win over a long game. The ulamog is fairly uninteractable as he has a cast trigger that is hard to deal with, is a large indestructible creature, and has another ability that allows him to win without dealing damage. If he had 2 of those 3 things it would be bad but no unbearable, but the 3 are bad. It's kinda funny that cat was holding back such a worse deck for the format. The deck also puts 4 dispel and sphinx of the final word in the side to spite control. This is the stock version; flamecaller, sultai, and control are so much worse. The flamecaller version just has more threats coming off top, chandra is not awful to deal with though unless virtuoso is going nuts too. The deck just spins marvel or makes thopters if you target anything though. The sultai deck has even scarier cards like ishkanah and pulls ulamog and other stuff back from the grave adding a recursive element making it that much harder to stop. The control version still packs large threats like flamecaller, but waits for mana and does marvel when they can hold up 2 counterspells while applying pressure with refiner and virtuoso. I am having to side more than ever for just one archtype where I only had 2 consuls for cat cause my other stuff was sufficient. Overall, it is just a really tough match. I am hearing from other people Dispossess and Lost Legacy are not cutting it, it's just disappointing how untouchable the deck is right now. People playing it said they thought the deck felt bad and it was like rolling a die, but is easy to pilot and uninteractive. I am just trying to find stuff for this, probably going to take Cast Out out of the deck and put To the Slaughter in the side to hit flamecaller and ulamog at once at the hard cast point. Might try Lost Legacy and Transgress the Mind as well. Just having to side in a lot.

Zomnbies: Zombies was pretty easy to deal with, I kept Lord of the Accursed from hitting the table and pumping so all the creatures were within Flaying Tendrils Range so they couldn't recur and also kept Liliana's Master off as well. This deck is good because it is fast, grows, and is recursive; if you prevent it from growing and recurring, gg.

Vehicles: Flaying Tendrils once again kept all the low drops off the baord and made it where scrapheap couldn't come back. Marvel being in the format hindered this deck more as I had Dispossess and Ceremonious Rejection in the side. The Planeswalker sideboard was also pretty easy to deal with. The deck is good because it's threats are evasive and fast and it has a morph sidebaord. Esper is well equipped for evasive threats like Gideon, Heart of Kiran, Scrounger, and Walkers.

Other combos: Aethflux and New Perspectives are the 2 other main combos and hinge around 1 card so heavily that if you keep that card off you're fine. These decks are good because they don't card about your board state much. Marvel is a cmobo deck that doesn't hinge around it's combo going off, that's why it's an issue.

B/G/X: Non evasive and non recurring threats, easiest matchup.

Control: Izzet breaks to Sphinx and I have exile and sac effects that remove things you can't otherwise which makes control in general pretty easy, could use a touch more for in the side.

Other decks: Metalwork colossus is a surprising weak point as colossus is big, recurring, and sanctum of ugin being a cast trigger means that 3 usually come out at once around turn 4-5. I have to keep Hedron Archive especially from hitting in this matchup as it is 6 towards a colossus. Improvise decks are pretty easy, Cataclysmic Gearhulk just wins here. Izzet Emerge is interesting with cast triggers, explosive turns, instant speed threats, and recursiveness, a tough but doable matchup though. Humans is nonrecursive, which makes board wipes and life gain back breaking and an easy match.

Overall: The deck is still very good, I will update it soon. I have basically every matchup except marvel figured out, but that fault in the deck is exceedingly glaring. If anyone has suggestions let me know. My meta just has a very large variaty of decks and is still pretty healthy. Marvel is slowly consuming it though. I am also on cockatrice with the same username if anyone is interesting in deck testing.

abby315 on Amonkhet Zombie Madness

3 days ago

Since it's card disadvantage, I'd swap 2-3 Sinister Concoction for 2-3 Fatal Push.

I'd put Flaying Tendrils in the sideboard, and perhaps Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet as well, against Mono-B zombies.

-1 Wharf Infiltrator +1 Cryptbreaker, who is too fantastic not to run a playset of.

Those changes will just help consistency and defense against aggro, which it would seem would be this deck's weak spot (being a slower aggro deck).

MTGsoccer13 on AKH - Grixis Control

5 days ago

Your thoughts on Flaying Tendrils vs. Sweltering Suns? I feel like with the prominance of zombies it is at least good in the Sb, maybe 1 Flaying Tendrils over 1 Sweltering Suns would be fine, your mana seems good enough and that card can completely mess up a broken zombies hand, counter/kill a lord then kill/exile their creatures with Flaying Tendrils and then no more Dread Wanderer or Diregraf Colossus shenanigans, just a thought.

carlthekatt on Madness Aggro

6 days ago

Splashing B really increases your available card pool. Cut / Ribbons and Bone Picker are both very good in a burn/tempo deck. You also get to run Alms of the Vein which is another huge burn spell for B and helps against aggro. Incendiary Flow is good. Collective Defiance is removal, burn, and a madness enabler/hand reset. I would also recommend against running more than 2 Bedlam Reveler since they are awful in multiples and can be hard to cast if you say, draw 2 of them and not enough spells. 15 creatures is too many to have Reveler be consistent. Thermo-Alchemist is insane in a burn deck.

In summary:

-Add B, since it improves the deck whether you're going aggro or burn. It doesn't have to be a big splash, but a lot of good aggro creatures are black (Scrapheap Scrounger and Dread Wanderer), and you get good removal (Unlicensed Disintegration alongside Scrounger or Fatal Push) and sideboard options (Lay Bare the Heart is big right now).

-Decide whether you want to play creature aggro or burn. Bedlam Reveler doesn't really go in the creature version. Bomat Courier, Dread Wanderer, and Scrapheap Scrounger are pretty well set in the aggro version, along with 1-2 Glorybringer and/or 2-3 Hazoret the Fervent as top-end. The 2 and 3 drops are less set; I've seen Forerunner of Slaughter, Pia Nalaar and Weldfast Engineer, or Bloodrage Brawler if you're doing madness. You can also go a stronger artifact theme with Inventor's Apprentice if you have any Heart of Kiran. For the burn version, you want to cut most of the creatures except for 1-2 Bedlam Reveler and 4 Thermo-Alchemist. Bone Picker and Glorybringer also fit if preferred, but ideally the creature count is 8 or less. Goblin Dark-Dwellers is also pretty good if you tailor your spells so it can cast most of them. For spells, 4 Alms of the Vein and 4 Fiery Temper, 3-4 Lightning Axe, 2-3 Collective Defiance, 2 Cut / Ribbons, and either a 2-4 or a 3-3 split between Tormenting Voice and Cathartic Reunion, keeping in mind that Reunion is stronger, but harder to cast in general and much worse against control (since they can counter after you pay the discard cost - sweet 3 for 1). Incendiary Flow is a good card if you want another versatile early burn spell. You also need some number of sweepers. I prefer 2-damage sweepers here like Kozilek's Return or Flaying Tendrils since 3-damage sweepers take out Thermo-Alchemist, even though Sweltering Suns is pretty cool. Chandra, Torch of Defiance is pretty perfect in burn if you have it. You can also go a neat energy variant that runs Harnessed Lightning for removal, Aether Hubs, and 4 Gonti's Machinations. This gives you more survivability against aggro and another 1-cmc 3 damage effect. Not sure how inserting the energy subtheme affects the card totals.

-I don't think you want more than one Insult / Injury, if any. Injury is pretty expensive at 3 mana considering it does nothing without either another burn spell to follow up (hard to do before turn 5-6) or creatures on the field. The card doesn't seem great in aggro either since it's mostly just discard fodder. Injury is expensive for a sorcery burn spell.

-Soul-Scar Mage is fun, but doesn't really go in burn since he encourages you to burn creatures rather than your opponent. I feel like it might make sense as a sideboard card against big creature decks if you plan to try removing their creatures, but it's usually just better to have a fast burn clock against midrange.

-Falkenrath Gorger is pretty meh, unless you're running a vampire theme. It lines up very poorly against Thraben Inspector, probably the most-played 1-drop creature in standard.

This is mostly academic. The best burn deck in standard right now is U/R, but you basically need 4 Torrential Gearhulk (expensive!) and the deck is incredibly soft to Dispossess. You can also always make a U/R or Temur Turbo-Drake deck that just cycles and dumps most of your deck into the grave while casting fogs until you stick an Enigma Drake and Fling it at your opponent's face. The ability to do 50+ damage in a turn is pretty foul.

Loco-Motive on BW Control Anti Meta

6 days ago

Funny, was just reading about this very deck on TCG. You've made some alterations to it, though, and not ones I think would help you.

The one that definitely jumps out at me is Forsake the Worldly. I just wonder why you would include something so narrow when you're running Anguished Unmaking that acts as your catch-all anyway. Also, I think the deck I liked to makes the right call in including 3x Flaying Tendrils and not just two. I just fear you may run out of early answers when a nice catch-all like Tendrils can keep you on-pace. I think you take out Forsake the Worldy for that fourth Cast Out which will likely come in more handy, and you still have the cycling effect.

I feel like 2x Ob Nixilis Reignited is one too many. I might suggest an additional Declaration in Stone. I'm finding those are coming in very handy.

Lastly, to your question about the Fumigates in the sideboard...a definite include. Brought in against the right deck, that thing can just ruin the pace of an opponent who's creature-heavy.

B/W control can be good, so I would try to avoid some of the cutesy cards in lieu of the tried and true ones that can win you games. I'm looking at you, Forsake the Worldly, lol...

Tethys on B/W Tokens

6 days ago

Elves has consistently been a difficult matchup in my experience, as well as for the other Tokens players in my meta whom I discuss matchup strategy. I have had some successes, of course. On the play, having three 3/2 Flying Lifelink Vigilance Spirits on turn four means we can race them. On the draw, ripping the first lord out of their hand, Pushing/Pathing the next one, then dropping Zealous Persecution to wipe their side of the field sets us up for a likely win.

The issue in my experience is that more often than not, the cards do not line up quite so nicely, and they are able to create an unstoppable board state faster than we can and/or in spite of what disruption and removal we play. Flaying Tendrils is definitely a good card in this matchup. I would run a copy in my board, but nobody in my meta plays Dredge, so its value proposition is considerable diminished in my case.

I agree with you regarding Auriok Champion. It is the single best answer to Burn that BW Tokens can play. That being said, I simply don't need it (and notably, it is a very expensive card). My build has so many ways to gain piles of life that the matchup is almost impossibly uphill for Burn players. Part of the reason I run mainboard Timely is actually so I can have 14 strong Token Generators. Sweepers are extremely prevalent in my meta (so much so that I have been tempted to run a third Selfless Spirit in the sideboard). The higher density of token producers reduces the likelyhood that Anger/Wrath/Damnation is going to be a game ender, and as I'm sure you know, the two best times to play Timely are either as your first token producer or immediately following a sweeper. It is a strong card and one that I think is regularly underrated. Mainboarding it is definitely a meta dependent choice though.

Would I run Auriok Champion if I had a couple of them? Yeah, probably. Do I have any need/desire to drop $50+ on a pair of them? Nope.

BTW, I am a big fan of your build as well. I saw that you ditched your Auriok Champions recently though. Any particular reason?

jellowsmurf on Golgari Midrange Evolution

1 week ago

Yahenni's Expertise is a little too slow for an answer to aggro imo. Grasp of Darkness or Flaying Tendrils is probably a better way to go, how have you fared with Y's Expertise tho?

Might benefit you to have some Grasps in the main over Haze of Pollen. It's generally better to be proactive. Also it seems like you need card draw. Not sure of the best way to do it with how your deck is built, but maybe Rishkar's Expertise or Morbid Curiosity? I mean you have blue, if you're confident in having 2 sources Pull from Tomorrow would be fantastic and I doubt they'd see it coming lol.

Really like the deck, the only other thing I can think to suggest is when you're sideboarding against aggro, you should keep in the Arborback Stomper. Side out another 7-drop or something because I think the lifegain would be worth it, plus it's easier to get to than 7.

Happy tapping tho +1

Darth_Savage on

1 week ago

Your only removal spell is Anguished Unmaking it's a good card, but won't help you against a tokens deck, maybe Bile Blight or Flaying Tendrils in your sideboard? I also can't help but think Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim would be a good fit, though likely as a 2 of. Otherwise I like the deck, so +1.

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