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Thalia's Horde of Humans



This deck circles around cards like Thalia's Lieutenant and Champion of the Parish getting on the field early and both boosting of humans and getting pumped themselves. Tireless Tracker helps with card draw in case i need something in a pinch. Hardened Scales helps with pump by adding counters onto creatures that would already be receiving some(Most creatures). Path to Exile and Dromoka's Command can get rid of certain creatures if you need to.Banisher Priest helps keep creatures down.Tireless Tracker gets larger once you generate and crack clues. Blossoming Defense helps protect you creatures from enemy spells and buffs creatures in a pinch.

Comments and thoughts are ALWAYS helpful and will be appreciated. If you do leave a comment concerning a card, plz tell me what I should take out or replace it with.

For a turn 4 win:

Turn 1, Forest, Hardened Scales

Turn 2, Plains, Champion of the Parish THEN Avacyn's Pilgrim

Turn 3, land, Hardened Scales then Thalia's Lieutenant: deal 12 damage

Turn 4: deal w/ stuff w/ Path to Exile then attack for the win

This is assuming all damage gets through

Plz leave a +1 if you liked it.


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