Hello! I am getting back in to Magic after a long break, and have been playing a fun deck in competitive modern tournaments while I re-learn figure out what tier 1 deck I want to invest in.

The goal of this deck is to maintain tempo and deploy large tramplers, while keeping my opponents mana base pinned under a Blood Moon. Backup win condition is ramping into Marit Lage.

Play order is somewhat obvious, but goes as follows:

Turn 1: The best initial play is Arcum's Astrolabe. But against control decks, the Icehide Golem and Frostwalk Bastion can place some early pressure.

Turn 2: Now you have choices. An Ice-Fang Coatl is probably the best choice for tempo. Against Aggro, Into the North will open up more mana diversity if you don’t have an Arcum's Astrolabe or want more colors available, and will allow a turn 3 Abominable Treefolk. If your hand is looking rough from a mulligan or two, Marit Lage's Slumber will get you multiple scry options a turn.

Turn 3: If you have a Blood Moon, you probably want to go with that. Against fast creature and especially red aggro decks, Dead of Winter, or if you played Into the North last turn, Abominable Treefolk.

Turn 4: Play your first (or second) Abominable Treefolk. If you have 5 mana from turn 2 and a treefolk already in play, Glacial Revelation will refill your hand. This is also a good time for Scrying Sheets and dropping a cantrip to draw an instant or sorcery.

Turn 5: Conifer Wurm is hits even harder than the treefolk. It’s time to fill the board with snow permanents otherwise.

Turn 6: You should be looking at victory, or building a plan to win. Good luck!


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I took the deck into my FLGS tournament on March 4. Results as follows:

Eldrazi Tron (0-2)

Both games I got Blood Moon out before opponent player completed Tron. Both games he played Chalice of the Void for 1 which caused trouble for my removal. I made a mistake in the second game; had Abrupt Decay in hand but grabbed a Plains instead of a Swamp with Prismatic Vista. Karn & metal coatings took my lands apart and it was GG.

Dredge (0-2)

Bad initial draws that forced several mulligans both games and I never saw the Grafdigger's Cage or the counter spells that I sideboarded in. Opponent suggested adding Surgical Extraction.

Ponza (2-1)

Both wins came after sideboarding out a mountain and the 3 Blood Moon. The Abominable Treefolk did the heavy lifting and my various forms of card draw kept my hand overflowing.


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