Play loads of artifacts, then use the tutors to find Eternal Witness, Eon Frolicker, Ashnods Altar or another sac engine, and Dramatic Reversal. Play Eon Frolicker to give a player an extra turn, cast using artifacts. Sacrifice it to Ashnods altar. Then play Dramatic reversal to untap your artifacts. Afterwards play Eternal Witness or a similar card like Mnemoic Wall in order to give yourself Dramatic Reversal. Then Sacrifice Eternal Witness and play using Kenrith Eon Frolicker to give another player a turn. Then play Dramatic Reversal, sacrifice Eternal Witness, replay if using Kenrith to gain Dramatic Reversal to your hand use Dramatic Reversal to start the cycle again. I made this deck as a joke though would appreciate advice. Just realized it didn't work.


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