Phyrexian Portal

Phyrexian Portal


(3): Target opponent looks at the top ten cards of your library and separates them into two face-down piles. Remove one of those piles from the game. Search the other pile for a card and put it into your hand, then shuffle your library. Play this ability only if your library has ten or more cards in it.

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Phyrexian Portal Discussion

Azeworai on The Pragmatist's Pet

3 months ago

As more cards are added to the game of Magic, each bearing the modern design philosophy that urge them to be relevant in near to all formats, there comes the time for a player to edit their decks.

I shall confess that I primarily dwell in the realm of Commander, but this is an argument that can be made for all methods of casting spellls. (Mostly Commander)

Within each set is a card that is fated to find a home in a specific archetype, yet this entails that another piece of the machine is removed. I have a mono-black discard deck built around Chainer , but they have since printed Tinybones , Tergrid  Flip, and Tourach . Each of these are more potent in the command zone, but Chainer is closer to my twisted heart and nocent at shackling my foes.

I have a Naya-lands list around Hazezon Tamar , but they have put forth into the world, Zacama and Obuun , but Hazezon offers nostalgia and tokens.

This especially pertains to the list below the commander, such as Murderous Rider over Hero's Downfall , Fierce Guardianship over Counterspell , Usher of the Fallen over Savannah Lions , and the list goes on for eternity. I enjoy adding asinine old artifacts to lists (see: Temporal Aperture and Phyrexian Portal ), yet felt as if I had no choice but to cut Moonring Mirror for Sevylun .

My query of this thread is when do players feel obliged to cut cards from lists despite any strong emotions towards maintaining their inclusion? When can the poignant piece of cardboard at last meet anguish? When does power eclipse pet?

Note: This is not a question of whether it is correct or not to snuff the asinine spell. Optimization is a separate topic than what is meant to be discussed here.

Azeworai on Kick You Whilst I Dance

4 months ago

Profet93 - As for the rulings of Diaochan , I have checked the rules and asked around. Despite the opponent making the choice, the game still identifies me as the controller of the ability. As such, Hexproof is somehow worse than Shroud.

As for Phyrexian Portal , this is steadily becoming a favourite of mine. This deck can generate a lot of mana really quickly, but does not always have a place to put it. This artifact, breezing all of its rules text, essentially has a three-mana activated ability that draws a card. When I have nothing else to do, what better than to draw cards?

I have wayward deck decisions, but I can draw a lot of cards.

Azeworai on Fiery Fennec Fox

5 months ago

An activated ability I much enjoy abusing is Phyrexian Portal . It essentially draws a card.

Circle of Loyalty in particular seems rather slow and inutile for a non-Knight strategy.

Slenn on Glory to Old Phyrexia

7 months ago

ShaDoWz_6677 thanks for your suggestions, however the concept I came up with is a little bit different. You could see the deck as Yawgmoth commanding an army of phyrexians, using his own personal devices and creations and everything the phyrexians are known for.

Powerstones were a creation from Glacian, not Yawgmoth and The Weakstone and Mightstone were used to keep Phyrexia away from entering Dominaria and more connected to Urza and Mishra's War and later Urza to keep him alive while being stuck inside his eyes, in the rest of the story. Glistening Oil may fit the theme a bit more, since it's what the phyrexians used to spread their corruption and to compleat other creatures into their own.

Phyrexian Portal looks cool flavorwise and would fit the theme but which card should I remove from my deck now?

ShaDoWz_6677 on Glory to Old Phyrexia

7 months ago

You will also want the Weakstone and Mightstone since they were used as Urza's eyes. And a Worn Powerstone to represent the lore part of Gate to Phyrexia since a powerstone with the same charge as one in Phyrexia was used to keep the Gate open.

Phyrexian Portal is another card I'd look into.

Skinken on Artifact R/W CMDR

1 year ago

You just gotta read through a few forum threads. Or go the hardcore route and just scour Gatherer to find the gems

Arcane Encyclopedia is sorta the bar that I evaluate draw engines against. It's not a bad card, but that's basically the bar. Anything that's worse should not be played but anything that's as good or better is probably ok. I played a lot of mono white, so the context is largely the same. When draw engines get cheaper than Arcane Encyclopedia they also get more restrictive, so just pick a few of the ones that fit your deck.

Jar of Eyeballs, Mazemind Tome, Phyrexian Portal, Endless Atlas, Treasure Map  Flip, Azor's Gateway  Flip, Journeyer's Kite, Thaumatic Compass  Flip, Temple Bell, Liar's Pendulum, Bonder's Ornament, Eye of Yawgmoth, Icon of Ancestry, Phyrexian Grimoire and prolly a bunch more I missed.

Remember that when you play red you have access to cards like Faithless Looting, so just getting lands is fine.

There are also a few good 4 mana draw engines. Coercive Portal, Outpost Siege, Karn, Scion of Urza, Endless Horizons come to mind.

Alternatively, theres always the option of just doubling down on Skullclamp and play equipment tutors to always have it, but if it were me I would try to utilize your cool commander ;)

Lastly, I noticed you run a lot of tapped lands. Since you are playing a heavy artifact deck, mana fixing actually becomes a lot less of an issue, so I would actually advise you to just run more basics. This deck should run totally fine with three plains or three mountains in your starting hand. But you lose a lot of tempo from playing Stone Quarry and friends.

Hope this helps, and good luck with the deck!

Skinken on Artifact R/W CMDR

1 year ago

In commander, having cheap and instant speed interaction is preferable to slower spells with more value. As such use something like Disenchant and Swords to Plowshares over Solemn Offering. Especially if you add something like Sunforger to the equation. When you run few interaction spells and little card draw, a good rule of thumb is to play cards that answer a wide variety of spells rather than specific ones. So play cards like Chaos Warp or Generous Gift (removes anything from the board, even lands!) over cards like Lightning Helix (only hits creatures and is limited to small ones).

Boros isn't exactly known for their awesome card draw. Wheel of Fortune is not worth the pricetag in this deck, unless you already just have a spare copy, I would not include it. It most likely helps an opponent more than you, and it actually leads to a lot of unfun games if played early, since one or two players might just get completely manascrewed. It is good in Storm, but this is not Storm ;) Try to leverage your commander instead. There are a ton of Arcane Encyclopedia-esque cards. My personal favorite is Phyrexian Portal, a great political card.

Consider whether you want Basalt Monolith in your deck. It is far and away the best card in your deck as it allows you to immediately go infinite. But is this the gameplay you are seeking? If you want this you can jam in Gamble, Enlightened Tutor, Planar Bridge, Hoarding Dragon etc. Also Grim Monolith is a second Basalt Monolith but better. Avoid cards that only function as infinite mana outlets like Energy Bolt, try to find cards like Walking Ballista.

There are generally better mana rocks out there than the ones you are playing. I don't like to have my mana rocks take up the same turn as my commander, so maybe replace Boros Locket and Commander's Sphere with Talisman of Conviction, Boros Signet and Mind Stone.

goblinguiderevealpls on Cards like Goblin Cannon?

2 years ago

just tutor for foundry with tezzeret and have sword in graveyard via Entomb or any artifact sac outlet and its game over

Mirage Mirror can clone the whole battlefield at once

you can use Phyrexian Portal as a Doomsday with Laboratory Maniac in play

Rings of Brighthearth for infinite ability activation copies

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