Ugin IS uber!

OK. I love upvotes, but to be honest, most of this deck's ideas came from the cited deck at the bottom of this page. Don't hate!

Main goal, being Tron, is to assemble the Urzatron, DUH.

That said, this is MONO BLUE TRON. i.e. no access to the wonderful Ancient Stirrings or Sylvan Scrying. So that's why our other, and cheaper, option comes as Tron with a control shell: only Expedition Map can really search for Tron pieces, but being blue at least we have access to a large amount of draw spells. Slow the game down with control until we can smash face with the immense resources provided by the Urzatron, while STILL keeping mana open for counter magic!

That being said, other than our bombs and lands, there is not a single card in here that doesn't have some sort of "search" ability, be it tutor or draw. That's why I don't run Mana Leak, as Remand and Condescend help me dig through my deck.

EDIT: Talisman of Dominance and Spell Burst don't draw, but Talisman of Dominance could give me that blue in a pinch or be discard fodder for Thirst for Knowledge. Spell Burst is just disgusting with Tron assembled. But I digress.

Platinum Emperion over Platinum Angel because it was more accessible for me when building, and I like the 8/8 body (burn just CAN'T kill it). The former may not be as aggressive as the latter, but who cares this is a control deck (did I mention I love control? messing with other people's plans hehehehe).

Wurmcoil Engine not much to say it wreck face and sh*ts on aggro/burn.

I understand 3x mainboard Treasure Mage (without any Fabricate) may be controversial, but I like the 2/2 chump blocker, especially versus aggro. Yeah, I can't fetch Expedition Map or Oblivion Stone, so maybe 2x Treasure Mage and 1x Fabricate. We'll see.

Sundering Titan blows up basic lands, sure, but shocklands see a lot of play in this format. Not pretty (for my opponent, anyway).

Um, Oboro, Palace in the Clouds is a strictly better and strictly more expensive Island. Don't really care about protecting from land destruction (Tron lands would be the target anyway), but it mana fixes and I guess avoids Sundering Titan.

Solemn Simulacrum i.e. The Sad Robot because it finds the blue I need for control magic (not Control Magic) and chump blocks, and draws, and discard fodder for Thirst for Knowledge... swag.

Tectonic Edge... obvious, but really pwns Scapeshift.

Mindslaver + Academy Ruins + 12 mana = I win. 12 mana is rather easy to get, and both of those pieces are tutorable.

Probably the most questionable addition here is Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. Well, listen: I pulled him at the Fate Reforged Prelease, and I just couldn't stand to let him sit there gathering dust or doing filthy work in someone's hands if I sold him. Oddly, my first booster pack Planeswalker pull, and he fits very nicely here. YES, I know I can't tutor him, but this deck doesn't tutor much anyway, it has fair amount of draw, and even though he doesn't fit on the Tron curve like the more cash intensive Karn Liberated does, remember this is Mono Tron people! Tron is much faster than this deck, thus you want to poop out Karn on turn three. Here, you always have that blue in play for control magic, so when you complete Tron you'll have the 8 mana to cast Ugin anyway. And he WRECKS once in play.

SIDEBOARD: needs some work, but there are very solid picks in there. Notably Monastery Siege shuts down red aggro/burn, and I guess helps you dig if desperate, but I don't see it being used for Khans ability. Maybe some of you can convince me otherwise.

Maindeck Monastery Siege? Honestly, I don't know... solid SB card at least, but, yeah, maybe 2x or 1x mainboard. PLEASE ADVISE!

AEtherize versus aggro.

Dismember... if you really need permanent creature removal... a very good response to that ridiculous infect sh*t

Surgical Extraction. A very solid card all around, can be used in almost any situation, but I like to use it specifically against control. "What now, chum? I have more counterspells than you!!" Added bonus of searching and examining their deck. Speaking of which, remember that Mindslaver lets you look at their sideboard (hahahahahahaha), fail to find a land while fetching (but search their deck) etc.

Aggro/burn decks scare me, but proudly went 2-0 against one at the SCG Open, and lost some won some against other aggro. Very popular archtype in this format!

It's just too bad Treasure Cruise is banned, lol

MAYBEBOARD: advice on these cards sorely needed

2x Spellskite These buggers seem to promise to protect my beaters when I play them, removing the need to have mana open for counter magic on the same turn as I play a beater. But another layer of protection is always wanted, anyway. Trying to make room, I'm considering Oblivion Stone and maybe 1x Fabricate/Treasure Mage.

1x Surgical Extraction Definitely sideboard material, but maybe mainboard too?

1x Monastery Siege Mainboard to have protect my stuff when I need it, if not then a digging tool for Tron etc.

1-2x Dismember More permanent removal, albeit at 3-4 life.


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My first tournament with this deck. Unfortunately could only attend the Modern Challenge rather than the main event.

Overall, went 2-1-1. Not bad, but I definitely think I can do better next time.

Esper Control 1-1. Couldn't put Tron online until 30 minutes into the first game due to just really bad luck. Seriously. Opponent did nothing to stop my search. By the time I got the final piece, Urza's Mine , I had no chance on account of being way behind in card advantage. In hindsight I should've conceded earlier to have time for a 3rd game, possibly winning me the round. Round 2 Surgical Extraction helped take care of some counterspells, allowing me to play Ugin, the Spirit Dragon when I knew my opponent had no counters in hand... and searching their library proves he had no way of dealing with Ugin once he was in the battlefield. gg

Gruul Zoo 1-2. Needed permament creature removal. Bounce was not getting it done, and I needed more counterspells. None of this would've happened if Tron came online faster.

Mono-red Aggro/burn 2-0. Platinum Emperion put on the breaks at 4 life, too big for maindeck burn to deal with. 2nd game, opponent couldn't play ANYTHING (including artifact and land destruction spells) due to Monastery Siege . Powerful stuff.

Scapeshift 2-0. It worked perfectly. Not much to say. Counters, draws, map searching... Tectonic Edge took care of Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle , key.


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