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NoU Assault Loam. The deck is split up into loose categories above to hopefully make it clearer.

The basic goal

is to win one of three ways:

-Reanimate or Howltooth Hollow in an Iona, Shield of Emeria or Griselbrand and gg them

-Land Seismic Assault with at least 1 Life from the Loam and clear the board and then their life total

-Against low-board-presence decks, beatdown with Lingering Souls, Young Pyromancer, and Treetop Village

Some important synergies to note:

-Horizon Canopy can allow instant-speed dredges; 1 Canopy, 1 LftL and an on-board Seismic Assault is a very strong engine which most decks can't break and which is very difficult to beat.

-Reanimating Griselbrand with an on-board Seismic Assault means you can draw tons of cards and discard them for extra damage.

-You can dredge off of Faithless Looting's second card, so if you draw what you want off the first you can dredge the second.

-Courser of Kruphix not only brickwalls aggro, but also allows us to know what we're going to dredge next. This is invaluable when you're trying to find a Seismic Assault.

Sideboard Breakdown:

-Ancient Grudge hoses Affinity and is useful against Tron and other artifact-heavy decks.

-Anger of the Gods is great against Affinity, Zoo, Geist, and pretty much any other form of aggro. This will come in against any aggressive list; consider a 4th copy if your meta sees a lot.

-Courser of Kruphix is great against burn. Out of Bolt range (unless they want to hand us a 2-for-1) and greatly reduces the usually substantial life toll our lands accumulate. Also brickwalls almost any non-flying attacker.

-Dismember is almost specifically for Stormbreath Dragon, which is run by someone in my meta specifically and frequently kills me. Useful against creature-based Midrange and such also, but not necessary in all sideboards.

-Ghost Quarter comes in against Tron or UWx, or I suppose anything with manlands/utility lands in general. I see a very troublesome GR Tron deck, so these are crucial.

- Ray of Revelation is largely for Blood Moon which can be a big problem, however it can also blow up Rest in Peace, Leyline of the Void, and if you're lucky Splinter Twin. Someone against whom I frequently play also runs the Zur/Ideal Enchantmant lockdown, so this is a must.

The whole board is geared for my meta, but a lot carries over into other levels of play.

Considering a Borborygmos Enraged as an alternative Reanimator target; he's very synergistic with the land-throwing, but I'm not sure if he's just cute and not that realistic.


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