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Casual Control W/U/B (Esper)




Why have great cards when I can just steal yours?

"Knowledge is such a burden. Release it. Release all your fears to me." - Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver

The whole idea of this deck is to basically play your opponents deck against them self all under an esper control shell. If you don't like what your opponent has, then remove or counter it. If you do like it, just take it from them, forcibly.

Step 1

Do that thing control decks do. Deny opponent's threats through malevolent means. Get out planeswalkers. Control the board state throughout the early game. Kill your opponents creatures/planeswalkers, put their win conditions in the graveyard, and counter important spells.

Removal Spells

Hero's Downfall
Far / Away
Azorius Charm

Denial Spells

Psychic Strike

Step 2

Stabilize and start playing some planes walkers. Gain life, draw cards, clear the board, then start playing some creatures. Analyze your opponent's deck starting turn one and begin to formulate what cards will be best to take and play against them.

Stabilizing Cards

Supreme Verdict
Sphinx's Revelation
Daxos of Meletis

The Walkers

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver
Jace, Memory Adept

Step 3

Begin to mill your opponent and take control of their best spells/creatures.

Both Jace and Ashiok do it in their own way

Jace, Memory Adept + Psychic Intrusion = Lots of options
Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver does its own thing
If the opportunity ever comes up, using Jace's ult then Ashiok's ult afterwards then watch the hilarity ensue

The creatures can do it as well
Nightveil Specter is a decent beater that has the option to steal cards
Daxos of Meletis has the option to steal cards and gain life
Lord of the Void is a game ending monster who will take all the best things

Good cards to take include:

Extra Win Conditions

Milling people to death is always a viable option. As is simply beating them to death with Lord of the Void.

The sideboard will be worked on eventually.

+1's and comments of all types are greatly appreciated.


Updates Add

This was originally a standard deck for pre RTR that utilized a lot of effects like Mind Control, Clone, Evil Twin and the like. It was a lot of fun so I decided if I could change it up for another go around. Tell me what you think. =)

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