Soul Summons

Soul Summons


Manifest the top card of your library. (Put it onto the battlefield as a 2/2 creature. Turn it face up at any time for its mana cost if it's a creature card.)

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Set Rarity
Mystery Booster (MYS1) Common
Fate Reforged (FRF) Common
Promo Set (000) Common

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pioneer Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Unformat Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Pauper Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Frontier Legal

Soul Summons occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: None%

WUB (Esper): None%


All decks: None%

WUB (Esper): None%

GWU (Bant): None%

RUW (Jeskai, America): None%


All decks: None%

WU (Azorius): None%

GWU (Bant): None%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: None%

RW (Boros): None%

Soul Summons Discussion

chosenone124 on Dimensional Breach Protection

2 years ago

MagicalHacker it is possible to exile sorceries with it.

Soul Summons

They will not return to the battlefield because you cannot return non-permanents to the battlefield

Blo on Ixalan's Binding vs double cards.

2 years ago

So Cloudform gives the manifested card hexproof, which means you won't be able to target it with Ixalan's Binding. You can exile the Cloudform aura, which will exile the cloudform and put the Dusk / Dawn in the graveyard. As far as I know there is no point where you can target the manifested card by Cloudform...
Now suppose you can target the manifested creature, because it's made with Soul Summons or so. Ixalan's Binding will exile the card. Dusk / Dawn needs to be in the graveyard to cast 'aftermath' costs, which it isn't, and your opponent won't be able to cast either Dusk or Dawn.

It is important to remember here that Ixalan's Binding puts a card in exile. Meaning it isn't in the graveyard or on the battlefield.

SirSh4ggy on Morphing Mind Games

2 years ago

I've been considering building a deck like this and including some BA eldrazis. You might consider adding some manifest cards, as well as some flicker junk. If you have a morph/manifested creature on the field and it exiles, when it re-enters it comes in face-up.


Cloudform, Lightform, Soul Summons, Write into Being, Whisperwood Elemental, Wildcall


Cloudshift, Ghostly Flicker, Glimmerpoint Stag, Deadeye Navigator, Eerie Interlude, Conjurer's Closet

CasualCypher on White Whimsical Whumper

3 years ago

I've got Soul Nova, Soul Parry, and Soul Summons. Unfortunately those two didn't pop up.

skoobysnackz on It's Morphin' Time

3 years ago

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I added Deathmist Raptor and I'm giving Soul Summons a try.

frogkill45 on It's Morphin' Time

3 years ago

Soul Summons might be a better choice if you go manifest strategy

Rhadamanthus on How does flickering a manifested ...

3 years ago

@Clockwurk: What Gidgetimer was trying to explain is that Cloudshift's effect doesn't turn a face-down permanent on the battlefield face-up. Rather, it moves a permanent on the battlefield to exile, then moves it back to the battlefield. Other rules of the game will cause the face-down card to be turned face-up during this process, but it's not Cloudshift that's trying to do it.

Let's say we used Soul Summons to manifest a Lightning Bolt. It's face-down on the battlefield as a 2/2 creature. Now we cast Cloudshift targeting that creature. As Cloudshift starts resolving, we follow the instructions in order, so first we move the card to exile. It gets turned face-up when it moves to exile because:

406.3. Exiled cards are, by default, kept face up and may be examined by any player at any time. Cards "exiled face down" can't be examined by any player except when instructions allow it...

That is, because Cloudshift doesn't specifically say to exile the card face-down (compare Praetor's Grasp, etc.), that means it's face-up. Note that because the card isn't on the battlefield, the ruling you found in the release notes doesn't apply here. So now we have a face-up Lightning Bolt in exile. As we continue to follow Cloudshift's instructions, we try to return Lightning Bolt to the battlefield but run into a problem:

304.4. Instants can't enter the battlefield. If an instant would enter the battlefield, it remains in its previous zone instead.

The last instruction on Cloudshift has become impossible, so we have to ignore it. The Lightning Bolt stays in exile.

Does that make more sense?

Game_of_Cones on Bant Morph

3 years ago

You beat me to the punch in creating a Morph deck! Im still almost ready to put mine on TappedOut, itll probably be a non-Commander deck and will have some other, different creatures w/ and w/o morph ability. You probably are aware of these, but I dont see any of them on your list: Backslide, Revealing Wind, Soul Summons, Write into Being, Ethereal Ambush, might consider a couple of those to go in here, and Witness of the Ages & Proteus Machine for a couple of artifact creatures w/ morph.

Aven Farseer is a great addition to any morph deck!

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