Myr Servitor

Myr Servitor

Artifact Creature — Myr

At the beginning of your upkeep, if Myr Servitor is on the battlefield, each player returns all cards named Myr Servitor from their graveyard to the battlefield.

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Set Rarity
Ultimate Masters (UMA) Common
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Common

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Noble Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pauper Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Highlander Legal

Myr Servitor Discussion

Cartrix on Confusion In The Ranks

10 months ago

Hey, thanks guys! Your comments have brought my attention back to the deck that I haven't looked at in a couple years. I do like the Hammer of Purphoros but it may be a little expensive on mana. Chandra, Acolyte of Flame looks great tho! I've made a few changes. -4 Grinning Ignus +4 Brand -3 Myr Servitor -1 Anger +4 Liquimetal Coating -8 Mountain +4 Great Furnace +4 Darksteel Citadel

Ouroboros_47 on Saccs To Be You (Altered Affinity)

1 year ago

Myr Servitor might be a decent sac option.

Bokamoso on A Song of Spikes & Ire (by B.R.R. Martin)

1 year ago

That is a good question about Battered Golem .

The way I see it is: Disciple of the Vault , Reckless Fireweaver and Nettle Drone are your baseline. From there you have at least two directions you can go and would need to choose. Either you go with Battered Golem , Voltaic Servant and Viridian Longbow for tap/untap strategy or you manipulate sacrifice/recursion with cards like Costly Plunder , Myr Servitor and Workshop Assistant . One build could better utilize Nettle Drone (¿with cards like Wrangle to untap?) while the other takes more advantage of Disciple of the Vault . If I built the deck, I would explore the recursion route but I won't say for sure that would be better than Battered Golem ; you might have to playtest to know, but I figure you'd have to choose and focus one strategy.

Bokamoso on A Song of Spikes & Ire (by B.R.R. Martin)

1 year ago

I like this ping ping thing you have here.

I agree with Traumitz that Great Furnace and Vault of Whispers would be great additions to this deck. With those additions, you could consider replacing some Renegade Map and Traveler's Amulet with Expedition Map in order to grab the artifact lands.

Given that your mana curve is so low, I wonder if you need so much land fetching. Consider more draw. I like Costly Plunder , maybe even more than I like Sign in Blood here. If your lands were artifacts and you had too many, you could sacrifice them to Costly Plunder for value$$.

For three mana you could include protection in the form of Herbal Poultice . It fits the theme, protects and triggers but the mana cost is steep.

Pyrite Spellbomb and maybe even Blazing Torch can act as removal.

Ornithopter seems out of place in this deck unless you NEED a zero mana creature or a powerless flying blocker. If you can push it to one mana you could get a lot more value out of Myr Servitor and sac outlets such is Costly Plunder or ¿ Ashnod's Altar ?

You really have me geeking on this deck...

Darth_Savage on Colorless Myr Swarm

1 year ago

You seem to be missing Urza's Power Plant, without it you can't activate the additional mana abilities of your other Tron lands, even then you normally want 19 - 22 land along with Expedition Map, which is the only artifact without the search for a basic land limitation.

This is why Tron decks still tend to play some coloured mana, so they can run tutors or card draw. Splashing blue black or green are the 3 common colours, though arguably red would also be workable. I think you need to consider what you want your deck to be, is it a myr tribal deck Myr Enforcer, Myr Servitor and Myr Superion would be sensible includes, or is it an odd combo deck. As it stands your deck just lacks a bit of focus...

MrCuddlefish on Leonin Squire Esper Shenanigans

1 year ago

Also you can add in Dispeller's Capsule and Nihil Spellbomb and Myr Servitor if you want.

RoarMaster on

1 year ago

is there meant to be 3 liquimetal coatings in there or is that an accident?

Sweet cube though, I dig it. Ive been thinking of building a Myr Servitor 'artifacts matter' cube, and this def reinvigorates my interest in doing so :)

Xica on Advertise your MODERN deck!

1 year ago


mate i think you managed to post in the wrong sub-forum, since this is about modern decks. Anyways my opinion about scarab god is the following (as a modern player) he is painfully slow and pricy, and being UB doesn't help much, but he can be made much more broken with Training Grounds & Heartless Summoning - and of course he is best if you foresake zombies and use creatures with him, which have abilities that are borderline broken, or scale with their power/toughness. (some modern examples would be things like Myr Servitor a big body that brings its buddies out of the grave to chump, or double striking creatures... etc.)

Here is my deck:

Dickhead Returns! - Modern Turbo Xerox

Modern Xica


For the moment it seems to be finely refined, still i am eagerly awaiting constructive criticism, and cards that could be good but i missed them!

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