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With the Help of His Robot Friends

Modern Affinity Aggro Artifact Competitive


Deck name: I was making some joke about Signal Pest being the only magic card with the creature type Pest and the origin of Affinity was it making some robot friends. And if you still don't get it, then I just feel old in response.

Deck Tech

There's really not too much to be said about the deck selection. A lot of them are automatic 4-ofs in every Affinity list, but this is the configuration that I've found works best.

  • Etched Champion is just too important in some match ups. Some lists are cutting down to 3, but Affinity is at its core a deck that runs a lot of bad cards to maximize the potential of a few good ones and you want to keep drawing the good ones.

  • Galvanic Blast without some kind of interaction it's too easy to loose to decks like Splinter Twins in game 1, where Affinity is usually at its best. There are a lot of good artifact hate cards, so making sure the deck has decent play against most of the field is important.

  • Memnite while a part of the engine, it's the weakest link as it can't evasively wear Arcbound Ravager counters or carry a Cranial Plating.

  • Thoughtcast don't leave home without it, being able to dump your hand and then refill it is better than any card you could run practically.

  • 3 Glimmervoid and 1 Island - it's important to keep Path to exhile and Ghost Quarter honest at least once.


One of the strongest aspects of Affinity is that it is mainboarding 10+ mana sources that will give any color, so the sideboard can be pretty board.

Having game for the mirror match isn't a bad idea - Ancient Grudge. Dismember - for when some extra removal is needed, though I have been considering Dispatch instead. Dismember doesn't require colored mana, but Dispatch deals cleanly with cards like Kitchen Finks. Galvanic Blast - same as, but this slot is up for grabs. Illness in the Ranks plays double duty against token decks, and it shuts down Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker decks whose primary targets are Pestermite and Deceiver Exarch. Spellskite comes in for any removal heavy decks, Lightning Bolt looks a lot worse with it on the field, which make sure whatever is carrying Cranial Plating is connecting. It can also be used to snag auras. I've been thinking of taking this to 3, since it will then slot in cleanly for Steel Overseer - which is pretty bad against removal heavy decks. Thorn of Amethyst for the more controlling or combo decks. Torpor Orb for the pod decks. And finally Whipflare for anything putting a lot of smaller creatures on the table.


Updates Add

#3 in tournament @ Atomic Empire — Aug. 30, 2013

Match 1 - Esper Control/Midrange?

This deck had a little permission, Blade Splicer and Restoration Angel. Game 1 was won in strong affinity fashion. Game 2 is started to get close with Restoration Angel ambushing my guys and Etched Champion looking awkward across from colorless golums, but a Arcbound Ravager was able to store up enough counters to push a big flyer through.

Match 2 - Naya Pod

Game 1 saw a Vault Skirge that suited up Cranial Plating to go un-removed for a few turns. Game 2 was a close back and forth match. Game 3 saw a quick Kataki, War's Wage against an aggressive draw that had already dumped my hand and was going to back it up with Thoughtcast and I didn't draw into removal quick enough.

Match 3 - Melira Pod

Game 1 went to a double Cranial Plating. Game 2 to mana. So we played out a few more for fun.

Match 4 - UWR Control

I was able to stick and protect an Etched Champion both games.

Did a little more adjustment to the sideboard. Blood Moon just isn't that relevant in a lot of match-ups, and one of the highlights of this deck is all the manlands.

#3 in tournament @ Atomic Empire — May 31, 2013


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