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This actually means Lurrus will get banned

Modern Lurrus of the Dream-Den Mono-Black



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Lol not actually at all, but... a Cat companion has funny flavor with this deck for sure.

Hello, and welcome to the best tribe in Modern. You may be thinking, the best tribe is obviously Elementals, and Elves is pretty good, and so is Faeries in Pauper. However, you have clearly missed the mark:



  • Rat Colony: you'll probably always cast this card during each game! Having ~13 of these in deck means that you are always putting out constant and growing pressure. Also, these are great for chump blocking, since there are so many.

  • Pack Rat: this card is a beast! It gets huge and turns all of your bad late-game draws into giant Rats. Gets out of hand so quickly.

  • Changeling Outcast: the unblockable here is pretty crucial. Getting it a counter with Metallic Mimic makes it 2x as good. It is great to Vial off 1.

  • Metallic Mimic: doesn't get big itself, but adding a counter to otherwise 1-toughness creatures can be pretty essential. If you want to make a point you can even name "Coward".

  • Piper of the Swarm: the Menace here is crippling. It also makes more Rats, and you can even take your opponent's Murktide Regent, Kaldra Compleat, or Emrakul if that somehow comes up.

This deck is so cool because it naturally has great card advantage and easy spots for it. This allows us to keep up immense pressure on board.

  • Lurrus of the Dream-Den: wow, this card is actually so well-suited for this deck. I end up playing it in almost every game. It can get extra draws with Bauble, and can keep your Rats from being in the graveyard for too long!

  • Aether Vial: idk if you call this card advantage, but it is definitely field advantage. In some scenarios, you can even tick up to 3 if you want to immediately get Lurrus onto the battlefield.

  • Dark Confidant: draws a ton of cards, and that's great. It is key, especially against control decks.

  • Mishra's Bauble: this makes our deck into one of 56 cards and classically works very well with Lurrus. The information can be very important too. It is obvious to include it in the deck.

  • Inquisition of Kozilek: why not be more annoying?

  • Fatal Push: yep.

  • Swarmyard: wow. Just wow. So good in this deck. Instead of making a trade, just swing, regenerate, and then their creature dies. Or, infinitely chump-block. Or, just revel in the fact that you have 4 of these in your 60.

  • Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth: this helps a ton in the situations where we really need a black mana from Swarmyard, or need to not take damage from Silent Clearing.

  • Silent Clearing: for bad late-game draws!

- Void Mirror: Elementals is easily the worst match. Ever. Lol.

Well, yes. This wonderful tribal deck is surprisingly and hilariously pretty decent, all things considered. Give it a whirl, and you will see that you can out-grind the grindy games, race the fast ones, and laugh all the day long.

Questions? Comments? Upvotes? Leave them all, I enjoy the discussion!


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