This is a list I have been working on for nearly two years that I called Exiled which is also on this page. This deck became what you see today because of the card Scheming Symmetry. Whenever Scheming Symmetry was released I knew that I had to make a deck revolving around it! The deck uses Scheming Symmetry with Archive Trap, Thought Scour, or Surgical Extraction to give me any card I need & take away my opponents card. The deck aims to win by taking away all wincon's from the opponent's deck or milling the opponent out. I look forward to any & all ideas & look forward to hearing feedback. Thank you everyone for taking time to read this & giving me more ideas to further it along!


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Running more test before FNM & I have come to the conclusion that Phyrexian Crusader with a few counters in hand = game over! Game 1 vs U/W is always long & tedious, generally in my decks favor. Game 2 on the other hand is almost too easy since adding the Crusader. I play Phyrexian Crusader turn 3-4 with a counter in hand to stop their counter spell then U/W has nothing to handle it unless they run something like Cyclonic Rift or Boomerang & most list don't meaning that it is an untouchable creature that wins the game in 5 turns if the rest of my deck doesn't shred them beforehand. I never thought that Phyrexian Crusader would ever be this good, but now I'm not looking back! Now most Burn decks that I see are R/W or R/B against the R/W the mix of Phyrexian Crusader & Pulse of Murasa means that they have no real way to kill me & I just beat them out with infect. Against R/B it's not as good since Fatal Push although push is only ever one counter away from having all copies exiled. All & all I feel that in this style of control deck running Phyrexian Crusader is completely worth it & a great surprise for game 2 especially if you win game 1. Thank you all for your time I hope you are enjoying hearing about the deck as much as I am enjoying testing it!



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