Blue Tron is a more controlling varient of the tron deck. Comparing to traditional builds of this deck I am playing more counterspells and removal, this is combined with playing multiples of the threats I want to find rather than silver bullets. Thirst For Knowledge is the real draw to the deck. Mindslaver + Academy Ruins is an infinite combo with 11 mana + 1 blue mana.

Early Game: Turn one I try to lead on tron land map, always lead with the one you have less of even if you have multiples of another. Your opp thinks that is the one you have multiples and will blow up your second one. If you don't have the turn 3 tron, still try to lead with tron land but then island to bamboozle your opp. I often find myself using map to find a blue source rather than tron (this is often more correct to do). As we are not a tron deck, but a control deck first. If you cannot take control of the game with your tron finisher it is better most of the time to get that island.

Mid Game: Like earlier if you can't assemble tron quickly, focus on playing like a true control deck. Answer the threats you can't deal with if they stick, focus on hitting your land drops. Landing a wurmcoil with out tron is something that often happens, and it can stabilize the game. Be sure that you can defend yourself while still attempting to the end the game. We can only delay the game for so long before our opponent is back in it.

Late Game: Tron should be online at this point. Academy Ruins + any artifact threat is normally enough to end the game. Playing a walking ballista as an expensive burnspell is a fine wincon, recurring wurmcoil is usually game ending. Recurring Mindslaver is an infinite combo where you take all of your and your opp's turns. Make sure to tap them out when passing back to your turn. This basically allows you to do what ever you want. You eventually will mill out your opponent as you are always drawing mindslaver. (your opponent can force you to play it out, however they normally don't. It is not considered slow play to write down every card of theirs you see).



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