Actual conversation "So how would you like for me to kill you?" "We have infinite spell triggers from Ral, storm conduit" "We have giant blasts from fishbowl laser and aria of lame" "Or I can create an army of token creatures with young pyromancer, and beef all of them with Zada+Fists of flame"

"Can I see the menu again?"

Draw power is key here to get your engines online ASAP. Veyran will double mana production from Birgi, Steam-kin, and Storm-kiln artist which will net positive when you cast a cantrip.

Wheels will get you to combo pieces faster and once those are up utilize underworld breach and past in flames to recur everything from the graveyard causing the field to explode.

Double tokens(Young pyromancer, Talrand, murmuring mystic) and double triggers (Zada or Mirrorwing dragon) leads to a lot of card draw and often a lot of really big unblockable creatures.


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