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“A Lie Can Run Round the World...”

Commander / EDH BR (Rakdos) Control Discard Exile


“...Before the truth has got its boots on.” - Terry Prachett, The Truth

Alright I’ve put a lot more effort in this deck than I thought I would, so time to have a proper description. Tibalts a greedy SOB and he wants all the things, is what the deck boils down to. Lots of discard both from myself and opponents to fuel Tibalt’s ult, tons of creature removal to try keep him safe, some deck search exile to kill annoying combo/alt wincon decks, and lots of ramp and rituals to try get him out quick (and make his ult spicier when I reuse the rituals). Win cons are varied: the most self contained is a big ol Torment of Hailfire during the ult turn (especially during the “Bonus Round” turn, Bonus Round into rituals then get TWO big Hailfires). Repeated discard/wheeling with Tergrid out is also an easy way to blow out the table depending on what you nab. And, with Tibalt you can in fact use your opponent’s wincons in some scenarios. Mass land destruction with stuff like Jokulhops and Obliterate type of stuff is a viable strategy, but I personally ain’t about that life.

Strengths include the ability to pretty easily smash go wide with weenies strategies, and decently against all in on one dude strats (if you can pop it before it gets protected). Creature based decks without significant protection in general will struggle to gain footing against the tons of removal.

Weaknesses are super fast decks, counterspells.dek, and decks that can recur massive fields (of the dead) repeatedly for little to no cost. The deck also doesn’t appreciate Rest In Peace/Leyline of the Void type effects either. Direct damage/destruction to Tibalt also hurts, being 7 cost base he’s not the easiest thing to toss back out repeatedly.

All in all it’s a really fun deck. Most anything can happen, and it’s interesting to see how each game goes. It’s a slower deck, meant for playing not for speedrunning (till you get that turn 2 Sire of Insanity, that’s good memes). I’ve been repeatedly tweaking it for a good wholeness now, but it’s getting pretty close to “finalized”, just a few more expensive wants left.


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