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lol Sphinx of Uthuun in Standard.

And, no. I'm not going to use Farseek over Sphere of the Suns. Sphere takes a hand of 3 colorless-producing lands, Solemn, and random things and makes it amazing. Farseek would make that a 100% mulligan.

Deck record since August 24: 47-18


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#1 in tournament @ Cab Comics — Aug. 10, 2012

After the previous two weeks' lackluster performances, my deck finally broke out of its weird "I refuse to give you more than 2 lands in any given hand"-slump and came through with a first-place victory.

Round 1: Wolf Run Blue vs. Bant Pod

Game 1: WIN - He landed a pair of Strangleroot Geists early and starting beating me up. Having kept a hand of 3 Glimmerpost, 1 Hinterland Harbor, 2 Sphere of the Suns, and a Frost Titan, I staved off the first few attacks, dropped the Frost Titan, and top-decked another. He couldn't efficiently deal with the Titans and they broke through for lethal damage a few turns later.

Game 2: LOSS - I missed my sixth land-drop by one turn and my Primeval Titan fetched out 2 Glimmerposts a turn too late to stabilize.

Game 3: WIN - He apparently kept 2 lands and 2 mana dorks. After he dropped a Blade Splicer and once I got to 5 lands, I tapped out for Blasphemous Act. A follow-up Frost Titan was more than enough of a presence to make my opponent scoop.

Round 1 results: 2-1 _________________

Round 2: Wolf Run Blue vs. Goblins

Game 1: WIN - He got land-flooded.

Game 2: WIN - He got land-screwed.

Round 2 results: 2-0 (current overall: 4-1 games, 2-0 rounds) _________________

Round 3: Wolf Run Blue vs. 4-color Ramp

Game 1: WIN - He managed to get out a turn-5 Griselbrand, but he was already down to 11 life. He drew 7 cards in response to my Miracle Devastation Tide, but apparently drew nothing to to save him. Frost Titan coming down again and tapping one of his Black sources (after two Birds of Paradise were bounced) ensured his Griselbrand wouldn't be back and gaining life anytime soon.

Game 2: WIN - He got up to 9 lands with both Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur and Omniscience in his deck. After a split-second decision to tap down one of his lands with Frost Titan, he couldn't draw a land to save his life.

Round 3 results: 2-0 (current overall: 6-1 games, 3-0 rounds) ________________

Round 4: Round-split into Top 8 ________________

Top 8: Wolf Run Blue vs. Mono-Blue Self-Mill

Game 1: WIN - He got out 3 lands and 2 Deranged Assistants then missed a few land-drops. After picking up on this last fact, I bombed the board with Bonfire of the Damned and starting dropping Titans.

Game 2: WIN - He countered my first Tormod's Crypt with Steel Sabotage and started getting ahead in card advantage. Using Ponder and finding my second one, however, really put him at a loss and he couldn't deal with Frost Titan or Karn Liberated.

Top 8 results: 2-0 ________________

With a Top-4 prize split (and some EDH afterward), I was in first place in the standings.

#3 in tournament @ Cab Comics — July 27, 2012
#1 in tournament @ Cab Comics — June 22, 2012
#10 in tournament @ The Geekery — June 8, 2012


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