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The Clouds Parted and There Descended...





In this deck I used life gain mechanics in conjunction with cards such as Archangel of Thune, Cradle of Vitality, and Angelic Accord . One strategy that has commonly worked to help me get an army of angels out on the field quickly has included using Rhox Faithmender to double my life gain in conjunction with Suture Priest, Survival Cache , and Goldenglow Moth with Angelic Accord . I can make my 0/1 Goldenglow moths better blockers by using cards such as Angelic Destiny and Cradle of Vitality to beef them up to decent blockers to give me a good life gain flow. Seraph Sanctuary also helps bring in even more life with Rhox Faithmender whenever and angel token enters the field. I also use Angel of Jubilation to beef up my white creatures. Fiend Hunter and Banisher Priest, as well as Recumbent Bliss have been added for some removal/pacifism. I welcome any feedback to help make the deck a bit more competetive.


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