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Stockpile of Undeath | Zombies | Amonkhet

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Standard Zombie Tokens | Amonkhet

Standard Cipher_8


Stockpile of Undeath

Zombie Apocalypse | Art by Peter Mohrbacher

"There are so many of them. It seems they've just been waiting for someone to serve." -- Liliana's Mastery.

Everybody knows Zombies are back in a big way thanks to Amonkhet! The Zombies archetype, probably Aggro, is going to be one of the defining decks of this standard. This is just one of many takes on what will be heavily played during Amonkhet's time in Standard.

My Zombie build is more focused on the tokens and cheap low-CMC Zombies with the idea of flooding the field with as many 2/2 Zombies as humanly or should I say Zombily possible. With specific Zombies lowering their life total every time a Zombie enters and everytime a Zombie leaves the battlefield.

From there I want to use anthem effects to pump the Zombies. While a single +1/+1 might not scare anybody when you combine multiple anthem effects and sorcery buffs in a single turn you can flip the 2/2 Zombie group you have into a bunch of 5/5 super Zombies! +1/+1 from one card, +1/+1 from a different card, and +2/+1 until end of turn and your Zombies are ready to devour anything in their path.

Get those lumbering shuffling semi-rotten bodies up to par with the opponents threats and then in the mid game portion swing in wide thanks to Menace they won't be able to block them 1 on 1 and they won't have the numbers to match your undead horde.

Wayward Servant

Any creature you play is a ping to their life total since everything you play is a Zombie. While spending mana on creatures is okay you got plenty of ways to create multiple Zombies at once with tons of token generators like Gisa's Bidding, Liliana's Expertise, Stir the Sands, From Under the Floorboards, and Dark Salvation you will get great bang for your buck on this card.

Plague Belcher

Boy I love this Zombie. While Wayward Servant pings them when they come into play this bad boy pings them when they die. So no matter what -- coming in or going out -- as long as your playing Zombies they're losing life. Plus for 3 mana this 5/4 that can only be blocked by two or more gives you a distinct advantage in combat and something if they don't answer makes short work of their remaining life total. Only 4 unblocked swings. Take down their numbers so they cannot 2-for-1 you and then go in unblocked.

The only downside is you need to -2/-2 something but as long as you have a Tattered Mummy in play that becomes to your advantage too. Kill it off, they lose 2 life, bring it back with Relentless Dead. That or put them on something like the 2/3 Lord of the Accursed. BTW if your Zombies have any Anthem effects in play giving them +1/+1 they wouldn't actually die to the -2/-2 counters. The other pro move later in a match would be to activate Shambling Vent for 3 mana to a 2/3 then cast Plague Belcher putting the -2/-2 counters on the Vent. They'll disappear and nobody has to die for the cause.

Relentless Dead

Finally it gets it time to shine. This Zombie loves low CMC Zombie friends. Cards like Dread Wanderer can come back on it's own but Zombies like Fan Bearer and Festering Mummy are exactly what it's looking to bring back into play. Ensures you always have a Zombie in play by bringing one back for X=1 or X=2 or X=3 none of your Zombies cost that much putting them all within range for recursion.

Dread Wanderer

Nice 2/1 one drop.

Festering Mummy

Fan Bearer

What this deck needs are more cheap one drops to keep the pressure on them. Cryptbreaker loves em for the draws and so does Relentless Dead.

Tattered Mummy

This often overlooked and underappreciated little guy is actually really tactical in how you play him. A scenario i imagined while brewing up this deck would be to attack in with Tattered Mummy have them actually chump block it with a 1/1 but not kill it. They think they are saving themselves from damage but then giving it -2/-1 with Liliana which then kills it and pings them for 2 life loss plus if the Belcher is in play another 1 life loss for it leaving/dying on top of that. It's like getting to cast a free Lightning Bolt every time. Then if that doesn't end the match you can always bring it back later with Relentless Dead dying to get more burn damage usage out of it.

Diregraf Colossus

One of the cards you almost unanimously see played in Standard Zombies decks but I don't consider it a must. I include it more for the ability to generate tokens faster than other spells.

Lord of the Accused (AKH)

Anthem effect for Zombies + gives Menace. What more could you ask for on a creature?

Not every Zombie we play comes in the form of a Creature spell. Thanks to cards like Diregraf Colossus and the below list we can always have a Zombie in play and keep upping our Zombie head count every turn.

Gisa's Bidding

Dark Salvation

Stir the Sands

From Under the Floorboards *sideboard*

Liliana's Mastery

It never hurts to include a card that creates more Zombies and this gives you two when it enters the battlefield, which is just as good as the main staple of the deck Gisa's Bidding. But there's more! It also anthems your Zombies to get +1/+1.

Key thing to keep in mind here is, it's non-Legendary so that stacks. If you have more than one in play that is a +2/+2 or +3/+3 or even +4/+4. Since you'll run multiples because you want to be putting two zombie tokens out as often as possible it never hurts it's value when you draw it early or late. Top deck it to make everything bigger.

This is often overlooked in most other Zombie decks I believe.

Liliana, the Last Hope

Let's just count the reasons why she's good. 1. She's very good at turning creature combat in your favor. 2. In doing so she has to be answered because her ultimate (-7) wins the game. 3. She's very hard to answer because she protects herself very well taking out fresh 1/1's right away. 4. If you topdeck her late you're getting your best threat. 5. A planeswalker for 3 mana, seriously valuable. 6. Because of her low mana cost she can get a lot of usage getting in play early on.

The only question is how many to include? A one-of or more, you might wanna run two in case one has been answered you can still draw into another later.

If you're putting one of these into play, your opponent is f*cked! 1-2 Wayward Servant + Emblem = FREE DAMAGE

In Oketra's Name

Surprise! Just made everything bigger. The +2/+1 is okay but when paired with other Anthem effects it can get out of hand. Your 2/2 Zombies quickly become 5/5 Zombies and with Menace they cannot be blocked 1 for 1 so only a few 5's getting through can quickly pull their life pool under. Just 4 Zombies, unblocked, can take them from full health to death with a few cheap buffs.

Graf Harvest

Gives all Zombies Menace and this is good even early when they may have a few creatures bigger than your wheenie zombies. If you have the numbers and well you're going to have so many they can't simply block them all 2-for-1. Swing Wide and Hit em' Hard! This could be taken out since the Lord of the Accused basically does this making this a wasted spot but it's such a great card to get into play early and then with all those low CMC creatures your outracing them to the board with well they can't simply keep up and won't be able to block. It's all about going unblockable.

Throne of the God-Pharaoh

While this card may not be Zombiefied it certainly fits in any aggro build. Tapping out to attack knowing after your combat phase is over each Zombie you tapped is now a direct ping of 1 more damage to their life total as soon as your turn ends. It never hurts to add more damage. It just hastens their demise. An extra 5-6 damage from this might save you a turn and just outright win you the match.

Removal is a big part of Magic and this deck is not lacking in this department.

Time to Reflect

They block a zombie you destroy them in exile. Efficient and Effective.

Dark Salvation

At first glance you might think this is meant as a Zombie Generator but then you keep reading and realize that this might be your best removal. For just three mana you can use your numbers to take down one of their biggest threats with -1/-1 counters which will come in super handy vs all the new Gods with -1/-1 counters affecting even Indestructibles. And since you'll easily have 6 or so Zombies in play it isn't that hard to achieve taking down the Amonkhet gods with this deck. What is going to survive a -6/-6? Not much.

Plus if you got a field full of Zombies already you can cast it for just as cheap as Fatal Push with X=0 but it still puts -1 counters on something for amount of Zombies you control. You just don't get the additional Zombie tokens.

Never / Return

In case you wanna run more or need to run more dictated by their creature count you always have this in the sideboard.

If you wanna take advantage of Tokens more and focus on the spells that can put them into play then think about the sideboard cards.

Anointed Procession

Any token based Zombie deck should run this. Also the maybeboard lists Second Harvest and the mana-fixing/ramp Cryptolith Rite you'll want probably if you run this double green card that's very similar.

From Under the Floorboards

For XBB you can cast a ton of Zombies as long as you can pay a higher X cost. (Once again Cryptolith Rite comes in handy here) Gisa's Bidding is similar, that you can play it cheaper through Madness. If you want to play this card you'll need a Discard Outlet.

Cryptbreaker | Olivia's Dragoon or even Miasma Mummy

Those are your choices.

Probably the easiest is the Dragoon. It's free, it's repeatable. Leaving more mana for casting the From Under the Floorboards' X cost. Cryptbreaker might be better but it's harder to multi-manage and costlier to repeat. Lastly, the Mummy is a one time use thing and you'll need it in your hand to do it. It is another Zombie though which fits in the deck that wants as many creatures as possible.

Liliana, Death's Majesty

The new Liliana is a nice way to continually put 2/2 Zombies into play. I also like that in just two turns you'll have enough loyalty to destroy everything non-Zombie or effectively board wipe them unless it's a mirror matchup. Otherwise though she is a bit expensive (even though I like the 5 loyalty she comes into play with more.)


Cryptbreaker | Art by Darek Zabrocki

Appetite for Brains | Art by Michael C. Hayes


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