"So many choices. Shall I choose loathing, hate, or malice today?" Eliza of the Keep

A standard Grixis Control deck that I have been working on. This deck has the ability to answer many diverse threats in the current meta with a powerful set of removal, counters, walkers, and efficient creatures making the deck one to be reckoned with. I am open to any input or constructive criticism you may have, I am also willing to answer any questions on the decisions I have made with this deck.

Control Package

Dissolve: Standard counter spell with the ability to fix your next draw. A very solid card and a must have in any form of standard control deck.

Psychic Strike: Another counter spell. The added mill is fantastic, especially with all the scry in the format. The 1ub mana cost can lead to a surprise counter if you tap your mana right.

Dreadbore: Unconditional removal that can also destroy planeswalkers!

Mizzium Mortars: Hits threats like Loxodon Smiter and a great answer to Blood Baron of Vizkopa. Also has the potential to wipe the board late game.

Ultimate Price: Standard instant speed removal. Great against devotion decks.

Doom Blade: Hits almost every threat that Ultimate Price misses. The 2-2 split is great.

Anger of the Gods: Absolutely wrecks aggro decks. And fucks Voice of Resurgence, strung together Burning-Tree Emissarys and Chandra's Phoenix.

Pilfered Plans: One of my favorite cards in the deck! Generates card advantage and smooths out my draws while destroying my opponents deck. Play after a opponent keeps on a scry for the best results.

Opportunity: Grixis does not have access to Sphinx's Revelation and this is the closest thing that we got. This card is great.

Rakdos's Return: This card can steal games. One of my favorite cards in standard.


Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver: Relevant in every mach up. Can nab threats/blockers from aggro or mid-range decks and must be answered in the control match up before he/she gets to ult. Has great synergy with Jace, Memory Adept as a secondary win con.

Jace, Architect of Thought: I've heard that drawing cards is good. Stringing together Jaces is one of the most satisfying things that I have ever done in Magic.

Jace, Memory Adept: Every strong win con/card draw engine.


Frostburn Weird: A two drop wall that can also become a beat stick when needed. Survives the anger of the gods and continues to bring the beats. So much versatility in a nice little 2 drop package.

AEtherling: The go to win con for any control deck.

Main board VIPs

Anger of the Gods, Frostburn Weird, Jace, Architect of Thought, Pilfered Plans, Psychic Strike, Dreadbore, AEtherling

Side Board

Anger of the Gods: For those aggro decks. When I really need a turn 3 or 4 board wipe in order to win.

Gainsay: For the control match up or that mono blue devotion.

Hero's Downfall: For mid-rage decks or to swap with either Doom Blade or Ultimate Price depending on the match up.

Negate: For control or walkers.

Nightveil Specter: Cause it destroys esper, mono blue, and mono black all on a nice 2/3 flyer. Can also be pulled in against aggro if I need another body to block.

Thoughtseize: For mid-range or control.

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver: Bring in with anything that uses a lot of good creatures.

Side Bard MVP's

Nightveil Specter, Gainsay, Thoughtseize

Thank you for looking! Please +1 if you like the deck and let me know what you think!


Updates Add

Testing out Dimir Charm. It seems good with all the sry in the current format and is a descent removal spell.

Cut 2 Doom Blade, 2 Ultimate Price, 1 Dreadbore, and 2 Dissolve

Added 3 Hero's Downfall, 3 Dimir Charm, and 1 Psychic Strike to main and 1 Dreadbore and 2 Elixir of Immortality to side.


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