1: use Wall of Blood or Hex Parasite to get your life down to 1 and win with Near-Death Experience


2: get your opponent to a lower life total than you with Lingering Souls , Lightning Bolt or Lightning Helix . Then, pay all of your life too Wall of Blood and Fling it directly at your opponents face to win.

The Choice is Yours!

My main goal with this deck is to have fun. I am still in the early stages of construction and haven't figured out the correct ratio of all the cards. there is a lot of play testing necessary to make this a truly competitive deck in the modern format but I think it has potential. the main idea is to win by doing one of the 2 things above.

I am not that familiar with the current modern meta so if you see this deck and have some suggestions on how to improve it that would be much appreciated. criticize freely I want to make this deck as good as it can be. right now I am losing a lot to mono red burn which is to be expected. I have Worship and Leyline of Sanctity to protect against the Lightning Bolt face at 1 life move. (as well as Duress ) this deck is made from my own personal collection so it is somewhat budgeted. if you wanted to make this deck for yourself obviously I would run Inquisition of Kozilek over Duress . I would also suggest 4x Worship . in a build with 4 Worship I have previously run Darksteel Myr . also Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim is good to sac wall in response to a lightning bolt to save yourself and is a good 2 mana blocker so idk what to take out here but it is worth noting. I really included red for Fling so you could easily run black white with a lot of Painful Truths type cards.

I have no Fling in the mainboard. I have always wanted to do something like this in a deck so I thought why not? the idea with this deck is that after game 1, side out 4x Near-Death Experience , 1x Hex Parasite , and possibly Wrath of God / Worship . side in 3x Fling , Wall of Blood , Wild Slash , Lightning Bolt , Elixir of Immortality , Unearth etc... something along those lines. the idea is that your opponent will side in enchantment removal and stuff planning for Near-Death Experience and Worship . they will never expect you to start bolting face and t3 fling wall of blood at them for game. ( Faithless Looting + Unearth + Wall of Blood )


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