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Abzan Tokens (RNA Standard)



This is my list for yesterday's FNM. I did pretty well, going 3 wins and one loss. I won against a Cavalcade of Calamity Deck, then for the next round went up against the Golgari Deck splashing blue for Krasis and Muldrotha, which I absolutely wrecked. Next opponent was Nexus of Gates, which was pretty close but I was able to aggro him down. Last up was that Esper Hero of Precinct One Deck. I got colourscrewed the first game, not drawing any black Mana and absolutely destroyed by Thought Erasure in game two. We played a third one for fun and I ended up winning that one with a million shrooms and Shanna. Overall I'm pretty happy.

I was a little disappointed by Slimefoot, the Stowaway . It is pretty difficult to get him to do something useful unless you have a priest out, as the opponent is just going to not block your saprolings.

Priest of Forgotten Gods was awesome, especially when she helped me get out Tendershoot Dryad ahead of time.

As my local meta is quite Krasis-heavy, I am thinking about including Suncleanser in the sideboard, as well as maybe Isolate , which will be great against Monoblue.

Do you have any further suggestions or thoughts?


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