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Bant Command




Note: The deck comes mostly from Jeff Hoogland's article in which he explores the shard of Bant and some new approaches to it in modern.

A Bant version of Eternal Command. Most Eternal Command decks are Temur however cutting Red for White allows us to use Spell Queller and Eidolon of Rhetoric for more control and lock goals.

Aether Vial on 3, Eternal Witness, Cryptic Command and Eidolon of Rhetoric is a hard lock on permacounter. The rest of the deck is a value beatdown of flyers and annoying creatures like Selfless Spirit and Voice of Resurgance.


  • Flickerwisp - Repeated value on Eternal Witness. 3 CMC for Vial. Also a flyer.

  • Glory-Bound Initiate - Becomes a 4/4 beater and there are some ways to get around exert by bouncing it back to hand or with Restoration Angel. Seems like there is potential here.

  • Mirran Crusader - Death Shadow tech

  • Scavenging Ooze - Graveyard hate on a dude with potential life gain. Seems good for grindy match ups.

Jeff Hoogland's Article: (mtgcardmarket.com/building-bant-in-modern/)


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