Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Classic Sixth Edition Uncommon
Tempest Uncommon

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Destroy all green creatures. They can't be regenerated.

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Perish Discussion

Perpetual on breya deck help for league

4 months ago


Given the way Green searches for lands, maybe Stranglehold. But it seems like you'd have to draw it early.

MTGApprentice2016 on Why is this deck moving ...

5 months ago

Ah, my apologies I did miss that Duel part up above. Yes Perish and Dystopia would both be good. Perhaps a Nausea (or similar effect) and a Vhati il-Dal with some untap shenanigans?

LeaPlath on Why is this deck moving ...

5 months ago

Read the words, MTGApprentice2016. Duel Commander.

Animar is always going to be a pain, simply because it grows too quickly for a lot of stuff and floods the board. I always like a Perish in my deck, as while it does hit you too, it also takes Animar off the board and wipes out the dorks they will be playing.

Another consideration is Dystopia as it can just be a "you can't play your mana for 1-4 turns" enchantment.

Winterblast on Mornsong Suicide

5 months ago

Bhaal666 there is indeed a lock with Maralen besides Mindlock Orb or Stranglehold and I played it in the two player version until now: If you have Teferi's Puzzle Box your opponents can only cast one card per turn at instant speed and lose all their hand while you can play one card per turn normally (you stack the abilities so that your opponents search first, then put their hand on the bottom and you do the other way round). The problem in a multiplayer game is that - unless your opponents are at zero cards in hand anyway - someone might kill Maralen with an instant and then everyone can cycle their hands and actually profit from the puzzle box. It's the same problem that Leovold faces...if you kill the commander you can exploit the lock pieces for positive results instead.

Rune-Scarred Demon won't be cast from my hand anyway, it's the same with Sheoldred, Whispering One...I won't get 7 mana easily so there are reanimator targets. I used the demon because it can work with Shallow Grave at the end of turn, then search for hatred and attack on my own turn. Or reanimate it as a sorcery and attack with swiftfoot boots and's the same with Sidisi, Undead Vizier. At least that's the main plan for these guys, even though they might search for something else when the situation requires it.

I would say someone always plays white or green or both and these two cards gloom and dystopia are absolute killers. I used to play Perish and Virtue's Ruin too but I've already cut them in favour of other stuff. If I notice that players abandon white and green in favour of other colours I probably can remove them...but everyone here has at least one deck including green and/or white. I have decks with white or green myself and it's unrealistic that in a 4 or 5 player game no one uses white/green. With 2 or 3 players it might be irrelevant but I rather have them in the deck for larger rounds...with 2 or 3 people the deck is better anyway, so for more players I need something that can potentially shut down one or two people completely.

I've considered the use of Liliana's Caress which is a better Megrim but it doesn't fit into the plan. I want to play mass discard like Ill-Gotten Gains (would be awesome with Leyline of the Void or Planar Void but the leyline interferes with the bloodchief ascension combo and planar void works against my own reanimator plan. I could rebuild the deck around these cards though, especially adding the leyline + Helm of Obedience combo but that's a different concept then), Mindslicer and the enchantments that make you discard each turn and get everyone very quickly to zero cards. Maybe I cut Duress and add Dark Deal instead because that would also be such a global discard effect - with the commander it makes everyone discard their hand and with Waste Not it would be a massive advantage with tokens, carddraw (not with Maralen of course) and mana. If you know similar effects like that...I couldn't find any useful ones.

What do you think of adding The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale? maybe instead of Maze of Ith? or instead of something else? I'd have to switch it between decks or get a prox though, because I only have one

britime on Kill All Elves

1 year ago

Perish will be excellent, thank you. Drown in Sorrow and Night of Souls' Betrayal are good too, but that enchantment in particular neutralizes a lot of my own cards. i think if i go this route i should have more ways to utilize cards in my graveyard, yes?

magicplayer3 on Kill All Elves

1 year ago

Cheap sweepers in black are Drown in Sorrow and Night of Souls' Betrayal. Perish would also destroy most elves. Disfigure is a one man kill spell if you take out Doom Blade.

Perfect_Phyrexia on #SorryNotSorry

1 year ago

Karlov of the Ghost Council could be good. Unfortunately the best way to abuse Karlov of the Ghost Council in my mind is through a Soul Warden style deck which this isn't. He could still work though if you are willing to wait for the ability to proc. You have the steady lifegain from Oreo but in order to go ham you could throw in Exsanguinate and Kokusho, the Evening Star which can both do you some good in a multiplayer setting.

If you are going ham with your hate level, why not squeeze in something like Glacial Chasm, Solitary Confinement, Story Circle, Deathgrip, Perish, or The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale.

Also for gods sake get a Forbid, you should have plenty of card draw and have dumb things like Consecrated Sphinx and Mystic Remora. Having a reusable Counterspell is just insane. Also Porphyry Nodes is a white Drop of Honey and Planar Collapse can be a 2 mana Wrath of God

Cool deck Ender666666 +1 from me. You should check out my EDH Stax primer. I have been meaning to get around to building a esper stax deck but I don't know if I should go Oloro, Sen Triplets, or Ertai, the Corrupted. Do you have any experience with the other two creatures as generals?

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