Storm Fleet Aerialist


Not legal in any format

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Storm Fleet Aerialist

Creature — Human Pirate


Raid - Storm Fleet Aeralist enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it if you attacked with a creature this turn.

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Storm Fleet Aerialist Discussion

Argy on Ahoy, Me Hearties!

18 hours ago

My land issue had a lot to do with whether or not I needed one more Creature to Crew Vehicles.

After extensive playtesting with StuBi it turns out that the number of Creatures is fine.

Especially since Cradle of the Accursed has been added to the deck.

I'm reluctant to put Scrapheap Scrounger in this deck due to the fact that there are now so many cards around that Exile Creatures, or empty graveyards.

I also prefer what the other 2 drops have to offer.

Last night I sat down and had a big think about whether to use Storm Fleet Aerialist or Kitesail Freebooter.

So it's timely that you mention the option.

In playtesting the Freebooter has been SO good. Swallowing a card and seeing an opening hand is fairly hard to beat.

I agree that a 2/3 Flyer on Turn 2 is brilliant ... but you can't guarantee that will happen.

If it doesn't, you're left with a 1/2 Flyer, when you COULD have had a 1/2 Flyer that swallowed a card.

This deck has a Control feel when playing it. It's going for a long haul win, rather than a speedy one.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep them in mind if something just isn't working for this deck at FNM.

Ramtin on UB Tempo Pirates

5 days ago

hello,Realy like your deck, I think it's better in dimir than in grixis, I would juste change Storm Fleet Aerialist for Daring Saboteur

Noctem on Temur Through Rotation (100% Competitive)

1 week ago

It's possible that pirates won't take off. What I'm looking at mainly is the fact that you have anthem effects (Favorable Winds + Admiral Beckett Brass), mixed in with pirates who fly (Storm Fleet Aerialist + others), mixed in with powerful etb effects (Kitesail Freebooter + Siren Stormtamer + Hostage Taker for example), card draw designed for this deck, tempo gains (various) and counterspells (Lookout's Dispersal + Spell Pierce).. I think the deck will build itself very easily. Add in all the stuff from the previous sets and you have a very coherent and powerful deck.