Aether Swooper


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Aether Swooper

Creature — Vedalken Artificer


When Aether Swooper enters the battlefield, you get (two energy counters).

Whenever Aether Swooper attacks, you may pay . If you do, create a 1/1 colourless Servo artifact creature token.

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Aether Swooper Discussion

jawz on first deck attempt

1 month ago

Building a deck with all the cards you like is a good way to go even for experts. Sometimes you just need to get a feel for how your favorite cards work before you find a good direction to build into a deck.

To start out, I'd suggest just trimming this deck down a bit. Get it down to 60 cards, with 22-24 lands. Focus on a small handful of the cool cards and get them up to 4 copies in the deck so you can run some sample hands and see how they show up. Set aside some of the other cool cards for now. You can swap them in later.

You can get into some headaches in testing if you have all funky cards and no good basic functional cards. For example, a lot of your cool cards are 5, 6, even 7 casting cost. You get too many of them too early, and the fun in your deck breaks down as you sit there turn after turn doing nothing cool. I'd suggest using 4 copies of cards like Filigree Familiar and Aerial Responder and Aether Swooper and Toolcraft Exemplar and Isolation Zone to fill in around the cool cards you want to focus on trying out.

Another good basic tool is Evolving Wilds, which helps you avoid situations where you draw only one color of land. Replacing 2 plains and 2 islands for 4 wilds should help your testing be more consistent.

Also, Tapped Out has a lot of decks you can search for how other people are playing the cards you want to play. You can get a good sense for what good combo cards there are for your favorites and how a good deck can be built around it just by browsing around.

As for your question about Aerial Responder and so on, from what I've seen in the recent trends in standard decks, people aren't using them so much because there are other card combos that are proving much more powerful. I've seen a rare deck tinkering with pairing Aerial Responder with Odric, Lunarch Marshal, and Authority of the Consuls has been a minor sideboard card against some of the most powerful combos (mainly the Saheeli Rai - Felidar Guardian infinite cats combo), but even there it's not that effective. That's not to say they aren't good cards in their own right, it's just that really competitive players tend to be cruel to less-than-overpowered cards. But just for casual play I'd suggest you use the good cards and sprinkle in your good cards for now while you build up your feel for the game.

Good luck!

Jagd_Tallgeese on Red/Blue

2 months ago

Harnessed Lightning would be a great addition to the deck, and Aether Swooper can do the same job as Aether Chaser, but is has flying.

DEDmaster on Blue Red Energy Thopters

2 months ago

let me start by saying play style is very important. the way you like playing is good for the way you build decks. In turn it will allow you to play more fluid so you dont make big miss plays. that the important part of playtesting. Is so you have a strong play style. And if energy is the way you want to go. play with options that will let you provide more, but if thopters and going wide is the way you like playing the focus on that. but most important when you playtest learn what you like to do. and then figure out how you can make that happen more. even if it doesnt make sense.

one of the things WOC does to help the players is often missed. but they build the art around the cards they want to play with each other. Built to Smash combos well with Electrostatic Pummeler Because built to smash gives pummeler the extra power it needs to trigger off. And gives it the trample if it hits a road bump on the way. Alot of player will notice this. but one of the thing WOC does to let you know this is the art.


Electrostatic Pummeler

notice the fist and the shape of the head.

Built to Smash

Notice the one Smashing is Electrostatic Pummeler

This is how they build the game. It may not always work with the meta at the time it is played. but it is always a good combo to look out for.

that being said. Built to Smash doesnt combo well with thopters. it does combo but its not a strong hold play. you would get a 4/4 flyer with trample but if they are not playing other little flying thopters the trample will not be a value play. But that is a good enough play to include it in the side deck.

Decoction Module - Whirler Virtuoso - Panharmonicon is an infinite that is totally worth playing you have 6 energy on the drop of Whirler Virtuoso, pay and then its keeps refilling your energy with Panharmonicon, and Decoction Module. totally a good play. I win FNM with my deck all the time.

The thing that I think is the huge issue with this deck is that you see the combos but the combos dont have synergy with each other. Dynavolt Tower is awesome and plays so sweet, and Whirler Virtuoso is just as good if not even more. But the combo together is not there. You want one or the other to play off if you have energy from Whirler Virtuoso you want to play thopters And if you have energy with Dynavolt Tower you want to deal damage. But if you play the energy from Dynavolt Tower you wont have the energy to play Whirler Virtuoso and vice versa. So it will make you have more miss plays. Which you are trying not to do, but it happens. just dont put in plays that will let that happen. the same goes for Aetherworks Marvel

So I would pick one or the other. the same is happening with your early drops Aether Swooper and Aether Chaser. You get energy but if you play them then you might have a miss play. the fact that they only produce once is an issue and the cost is the same as they produce. So I would replace those with something that is more effective. like Shielded Aether Thief it blocks almost everything on the ground. And every time it does it produces more. with the card draw letting you get to the more important plays. but its is a strong hold until turn 5 or 6 for your ground.

Inventor's Apprentice could be alot of value in the early game. As a inch of damage for early play wins. But the biggest issue is on turn two you have no artifacts to pump it. unless you drop a Ornithopter on the same play which is to much hoping for one game. you need a playset of both to not be wishing you had it in play.

Deadlock is sweet but the fact that it comes in tapped slows it down and makes the card bad.

I know that this is long but last one.

Metallic Mimic is really fun with thopter play. but it doesnt have a strong stance in this deck. maybe if you played a playset and switch out something for more Vedalken types that could be a strong play but I feel like that is another deck.

sorry for the ramble. I hope what i said helps looking forward to seeing where this is going.

WizardLogic on Monothopters [Frontier]

2 months ago

I know you dislike the idea of Hangarback Walker, but it honestly poops on control decks. Resolving it on turn 2 and forcing them to commit a removal spell instead of building up card advantage is good tempo swing, and if they don't bother popping it early the 2-3 thopters it makes are great against their planeswalkers or big targeted removal spells, and are also resilient to sacrifice effects. Hope of Ghirapur is also good against control shells, as they are forced to kill it or let you sac it for value and stop them for a turn cycle. Phyrexian Revoker can be used to shut down pesky artifacts or planeswalkers, and they are forced to commit a removal spell for it. Smuggler's Copter is also quite good, it dodges sorcery speed removal, loves wearing ensoul or carrying a sword, and provides you a way to ditch dead draws and turn them into real cards.

If Jeskai Black is proving to be dominant in your meta, it could also be worth it to include creatures that generate incremental value, or have built in resiliency, such as Aether Swooper, Bastion Inventor, Trophy Mage, Glint-Nest Crane, Filigree Familiar, Padeem, Consul of Innovation, Quicksmith Spy, and Treasure Keeper.

If all else fails, fight them over spells resolving with Unsubstantiate, Negate, Metallic Rebuke, Disallow, and Dispel.

Hope brainstorming goes well, good luck beating Jeskai Black!

Freezingfist on Improvise Eldrazi Sac Deck

3 months ago

Hmm, interesting build SpyderPrime.

My first impression that that you'd need a ridiculously lucky opening hand to get this to work.

I like the idea, but I think you have too many high cost eldrazi and not enough ways to make them cheaper.

I'd add more low casting cost artifacts to really make the most out of improvise. Hope of Ghirapur Prophetic Prism(mana fixing and card draw) Augmenting Automaton. I'd also add Reverse Engineer for more tasty card draw.

I'm looking for something that pukes out servos... but I'm not seeing anything great... maybe Aether Poisoner or Aether Swooper, but they make you kind of energy dependent, which would require a slightly different strategy. Servo Schematic isn't bad, but it's better if you have ways to bounce it in and out of the graveyard.

A full playset of Metallic Rebuke could probably help you get past some of those troublesome things while you build.

Lastly, I'd add more land. In the case that the game goes long and you get enough land, you could hardcast the eldrazi if you can't Improvise them out.

Just some quick thoughts. Have you tested this? What's your experience with it?

Obial on Improvised Angels!

3 months ago

If you're going for an improvise deck, I would recommend pulling the energy cards and focus on getting a few more artifacts into your deck instead. I thought Ornithopter would be a good fit for an improvise deck as well, but it turned out to be a bit of a bust. I would recommend adding more Bone Saw's or Cathar's Shield instead.

Bring Consulate Crackdown and Fumigate down to one each in your mainboard and put the others into your sideboard. Add one more Metallic Rebuke and then a couple Reverse Engineer's. Maybe run one or two of Baral's Expertise since it would allow you to play one of your Gisela's for free.

I would drop Aether Swooper, Devilthorn Fox, Ornithopter, Thing in the Ice  Flip, and Thriving Turtle from your creatures list and add Wind-Kin Raiders, Bastion Inventor, Gearseeker Serpent, and Treasure Keeper instead. If you have more Toolcraft Exemplar, put those bad-boys in: I would shoot for running a full set of them if you can.

To keep with the artifacts theme, maybe add a couple more Implements since they also help with card draw in addition to other things. If you wanted to add a splash of black, you could always consider Prophetic Prism or Spire of Industry and use Implement of Malice instead of the other ones. That would also allow you to run Fatal Push in your deck or sideboard as well.

I would also consider Thopter Arrest, Disallow, Dispel, and Negate as additional sideboard cards.

Hope that helps :]

SlimJim83 on Flying Tezzerets

3 months ago

Aether Swooper might help. It's a blue 2 drop flyer that can create servos when your swing with it. It might replace Skyship Plunderer or sit in the sideboard if your improvise isn't going off fast enough. Everything in black that makes servos seems really out of place here or will move your curve in the wrong direction. Overall it looks like a solid build.

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