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POST OPAL/SSG BAN - Lantern Control

Modern BG (Golgari) Combo Competitive Control Mill Prison



This is a POST OPAL and SIMIAN SPIRIT GUIDE BAN Lantern list that is VIABLE. Do not fret, Lantern is NO WHERE CLOSE to being a dead list!

Here's what I did:

I brought the deck "back to it's basics" by focusing more on early game hand disruption and removal. One of my favorite cards Surgical Extraction makes its glorious return to this list. a turn one Thoughtseize and a Surgical Extraction on the right card can sometimes end the game on their own.

To get some early game spunk back after the Opal ban, I replaced all 4 of my Mox Opal with 4x Simian Spirit Guide and now that SSG is banned, the deck still works just fine with Mox Tantalite . Last night during testing I landed my SSG all exactly when I needed the turn 1-2 ramp. Essentially SSG is there just to get your early game mana requirements that the deck needs to explode upon. You can also hard cast SSG to chump block underneath your Ensnaring Bridge if need be.

If you're going this route and have Emry, Lurker of the Loch in your old list, I'd suggest l replacing them with Goblin Engineer mostly so you can have a valuable creature to cast if you use SSG's ability for a red mana. Goblin Engineer also has some interaction with Academy Ruins for card recursion/finding a combo piece in the deck, putting it on the top of your deck and then drawing it.

The only mana changes made are going from 4x Blooming Marsh to 4x Overgrown Tomb . Since the color curve for this deck is so small, I want to ensure I have more chances to have black mana for early game hand disruption, but also a sprinkling of green for Assassin's Trophy and Ancient Stirrings . This mana is just what I landed on and found success with. I'm totally up for people testing my list out and making improvements.

--- Sideboard is NOT complete on this list!! ---

Please comment/like/save this deck. I'm always interested in hearing improvements!


Updates Add

Hello all, I've been doing some online testing and I am going to be making these changes to make the deck a bit more fluid. I'm just waiting on the paper cards to come in the mail.


3x goblin engineer

1x Sulfurous Springs

3x Llanowar Wastes


1x Collective Brutality (to sideboard)


3x Scheming Symmetry (This may be 2x Scheming and 1x Surgical Extraction)

4x Overgrown Tomb


I've noticed that the red mana requirement from Goblin Engineer just simply wasn't working as well as I'd hoped and that Ancient Stirrings was doing a great job on its own. I'd like to keep the early game for hand disruption (which means more black mana) and I've found Scheming Symmetry + a well timed Surgical Extraction is absolutely brutal turn 2/3.

I may only add 2x Scheming and use the extra spot for 1x Surgical extraction.. It's all in testing. I may even make room for a 3rd Assassin's Trophy, but we'll see!



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