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Little bit of an update to 8rack. Splashed orzhov in it to allow vindicates, path to exile, and better sideboard options.

Features heavy control with Liliana and a multitude of discard. I changed it to no creatures, even though I really wanted to put 4x Dauthi Voidwalkers in. If that were the case, I'd take out the playset of smallpox for obvious conflicts. As of now, the only way to have creatures is the Mishra's Factories and Liliana. The damage with the factories can add up quickly, especially when an opponent is playing top deck by turn 3, and you're swinging for 3/4 a turn. Smallpox is just such a strong addition, but playtesting may change it to voidwalkers. There's alot of graveyard re-occurance in my meta, and dauthi voidwalkers are bomb in that case. Maybe their true home for the average tappedout viewer is a sideboard option. use your own discretion, but understand how strong of a card smallpox is for a deck with an average CMC of >2. with 2 in your opening hand, it absolutely stifles any deck against it. for the viewers discretion.

Obvious upgrades to the deck would be the usual combos of The One Ring, Orcish Bowmasters, and Sheoldred, the Apocalypse. I just wanted to stray against the usual 3 that I see in every single modern deck in the meta. I feel like this deck, built as it is, could compete against any powerful deck in the meta.

The whole point is to put a twist on something new that you like. I love discard but I always felt that mono black could never have the flexibility of removal I was alway's looking for. Adding in [Vindicate], which I've always loved since apocalypse, and [path to exile].

While discard is always a great way to cripple any type of strategy, Fast decks will always have the upper hand. Sideboard options may be tilted towards that, plus a few of the other meta strong suits. obviously pithing needles are to stop The One Ring, which will always be troubling, but anguished unmaking can always remove it. Burn is a very clear bad matchup. Like I said, to be determined what the sideboard options are.

Enjoy and comment!


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