This Modern Izzet home brew uses the Curiosity + Electrostatic Field and Curiosity + Thermo-Alchemist combos to draw multiple cards per turn. Once the combo is set you'll draw so many cards that you won't know what to do with them

  • The deck is about the synergy between drawing cards, controlling the board and dealing damage

  • It can shift between more control or more burn using the Sideboard



  • Rune Snag is a nice counter at an early stage and gets increasingly harder to stop as the game progresses
  • Spell Pierce is a good and many times unexpected counter
  • Ionize is a counter and a shock in a deck where every point of damage counts. Can't argue with that
  • Vapor Snag is a pseudo-removal spell and deals an important 1 damage
  • Peek lets me prepare for the enemy's next moves while also drawing me a card

Draw and Fixing:

  • Curiosity is the card I'm hoping to get every game in order to achieve the main combo
  • Serum Visions digs deep into my library to set up my draws
  • Sleight of Hand is slighty worse but comparable to Visions

I think this build is an interesting take on the current Izzet meta. It doesn't have as much pressure as an Arclight Phoenix/Thing in the Ice  /Snapcaster Mage deck, but it tries to win using more control and chipping off the lifepoints of the enemy steadily

Also it's way cheaper than Izzet Phoenix or similar decks, and not having Fetchlands further spares your wallet. But if you're lucky enough to have Snapcaster Mage and fetchlands, feel free to add them to make the deck more competitive

Note: Guttersnipe is what really gave me the idea to make this deck. It's an amazing card to place here but I took him out from the Mainboard because the 3 mana cost is expensive in a 18 land deck and this frail creature is a removal-magnet. Still, perfectly usable if you want to take the risk or if you're playing in a more casual setting

Please let me know what you think and what can I do to improve this. Upvote if you like it!


Updates Add

I've been checking out other Izzet decks and so I've decided to change some things in mine




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