"Bee-Boo-Bop, Maxer-Jammer."

Counter the things, assemble the Tron. After that, drop fatties and continue to control the board.


Treasure Mage : This guy allows us to run fewer copies of our threats. Great for chump blocking. As of now he is a 1 of. My replace one Fabricate for another one of these.

Solemn Simulacrum: 1 of these guys allow me to chump block and grab the much needed blue source. His ability to draw a card when dying is extremely relevant. Gives us more ramp. Might add a second.

Wurmcoil Engine : Searchable with Treasure Mage and Fabricate. Lifelink, Deathtouch, and replaces it self when it dies (excepted when its path to exiled) makes it the best beater of the deck.

Platinum Angel : If we are able to protect the angel, its basically a free win. Very important in infect matchups.

Sundering Titan: This big guy allows us to punish greedy mana bases. Resolving a Titan in certain matchups almost guarantees us a win.

Snapcaster Mage: Gives us one extra of all our spells. He is also a great turn two chump blocker.


Thirst for Knowledge : More often than not this card is a draw 3 discard one card. With all the artifacts in the deck this card is most definitely a 4 of. Academy Ruins allows us to get back anything we regretfully discarded.

Fabricate : Been testing this bugger as a 2 of. Unlike the mage, this sorcery allows us to find our one of Batterskull, Expedition Map s Oblivion Stone s and even Talisman of Dominance if we really need it.

Expedition Map: Searches for Tron lands, finds academy ruins, and any blue source when in a pinch. All Tron lists run 4.

Talisman of Dominance: When blue is needed, the Talisman always delivers.

Artifact Control/Protection:

Mindslaver My personal favorite card in the deck (and the reason I play tron) allows us to literally control our opponent. Combining this with Academy Ruins allows us to lock our opponent out of the game.

Oblivion Stone: I like this as a one of. We are able to search for it with Fabricate but unfortunately not Treasure Mage . Gets rid of opponents early aggro. Reusable with Academy Ruins.

Batterskull: Replaced one Wurmcoil Engine for one of these and I am pleasantly surprised with how well the skull has been testing. Searchable with Fabricate, if the germ token ever dies I can just bounce Batterskull and play it next term. A definite win more strategy (and kinda funny) is equipping a wurmcoil with it. Overkill, yet so fun.


Condescend: Extremely potent when combined with the Tron lands. Basically an improved mana leak. Normally we would counter for just 1 more mana than they could afford.

Remand: Arguably one of the best temp plays in modern. Even able to remand your own spells if need be.

Repeal: Deals with aggro and sometimes artifacts/enchatments. The cantrip is very important.

Spell Burst: This could either be a one time counter. Or an endless amounts of counterspells late game.

Dismember: As of now it is in the testing spot as a one of. I may up the number to two. Right now its our best form of removal.


Tron Lands Urza's Tower, Urza's Power Plant, Urza's Mine : Main pieces of the deck. Without them we are nothing.

Academy Ruins: Gets us back those much needed artifacts. Creates a lock with Mindslaver if we have 13 mana.

Tectonic Edge : For opposing manlands. Land destruciton. Always useful. May replace this with Ghost Quarter, playing against infect, they may never hit the fourth land you need them to have in order to activated the edge.

Oboro, Palace in the Clouds : Allows us to bounce back for the possibility of having UU. Also having this out means we don't destroy it with our Sundering Titan


Chalice of the Void: During the delver meta this was a solid 4 of. Landing an angel with a chalice on 1 is extremely potent. I still like this againt, Burn, Bogles, and Infet.

Dismember: Our best form of removal.


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