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"So Anyway, I Started Blastin!"

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I felt a lack of interest in a lot of commanders, and considering I've built most things I thought looked cool, I figured maybe just buck the trend and take on a project for the sake of the mechanic. When I first started building Ghyrson I felt he fit perfectly with that scene from Its "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" where Frank is on the local news saying the iconic line "So anyway, I started blastin'!" and decided to make this deck entirely reliant on Ghyrson as the entire idea is to make the deck blast as many things as possible. It turned out to be one of the cheaper decks I made recently, and I'm actually really looking forward to the deck to just be annoying to my friends, the best kind of fun.

The current plan is to incorporate my "sideboard" into the main deck, after cards are delivered.

7/17/24 V1.4 UPDATE

I am considering adding Fury Storm as my playgroup has quickly started to kill Ghyrson on sight lol. Mercadia's Downfall can be nuts with the baby tokens I can potentially make (consider it a weaker red Craterhoof), and Word of Seizing is used primarily to snatch particularly difficult pieces that inhibit the blastin'.


Curiosity + Ghyrson Starn, Kelermorph and The Locust God + Witty Roastmaster = Infinite Draw, Insects, and Damage | First and foremost you would need to have Witty Roastmaster, Ghyrson equipped with Curiosity on the field first, and then cast The Locust God. On entering the battlefield The Locust God triggers Witty Roastmaster to deal one damage to each opponent, causing Ghyrson to do an additional two damage to each opponent, then Curiousity triggers drawing you three cards (if playing three opponents), and in turn triggers The Locust God to create three 1/1 Insects with Flying and Haste, upon entry, this triggers Witty Roastmaster again, and the loop continues until YOU decide to stop drawing cards (since Curiosity offers the "may" keyword), and because the Insects are hastened 1/1s, Ghyrson will trigger again for two additional points of damage should any of those flyers get in, creating the cycle all over again.

Ophidian Eye can be utilized in place of Curiousity. Tandem Lookout does NOT offer the keyword "may" but can be used.

Curiosity + Ghyrson Starn, Kelermorph and Niv-Mizzet, Parun = Infinite Ping, Card Draw | Simply, Ghyrson needs to have curiosity attached and Niv-Mizzet needs to be on the field. When any point of damage triggers the draw from a Curious Ghyrson, Niv will take over from there ensuring the loop continues to ping opponents and creating more card draw. Additionally whenever any player casts an instant or sorcery you will trigger the effect again (off of Niv) if it was somehow halted the first go round.

Ophidian Eye can be utilized in place of Curiousity. Tandem Lookout does NOT offer the keyword "may" but can be used.

Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter = Untap Pingers | Isochron Scepter/Dramatic Reversal allows you to untap all your non-land permanents, creating a second opportunity for the mana rocks and pingers to reactivate once more for a measly two mana. Simple, but an effective element to our multiplying commander.

Blazing Volley + Charisma + Ghyrson Starn, Kelermorph = Gain Control of ALL Creatures | Most important is to have Ghyrson and Charisma on the board cleanly, this can all be done on the same turn given the mana requirements are met. Charisma states that whenever enchanted creature deals damage to another creature, you gain control of that creature until Charisma leaves the field. Sure no one will block Ghyrson while he is equipped, but his value isn't as an attacker, its as non-targeted damage (evades Hexproof/Shroud), so, when Blazing Volley is played (for just one red mana) one damage is applied to every creature our opponents control, since all of our opponents creatures are applied a single point of damage, Ghyrson's ability will trigger dealing two points of damage as well, now the smaller creatures three and under will die and go to the graveyard, but the bigger creatures will be placed under our control until our opponents can get rid of Charisma.

Scouring Sands, End the Festivities, and a kicked Electrickery can substitute for Blazing Volley.


Depending on available mana, Flame Fusilade, and Lightning Volley can be quite a splashy play with your opponents own creatures.


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