"The Legend of Zelda" custom Birthing Pod Themed deck, with each of the following Altered by professional artists to look like characters from the various storylines:

  1. Roon of the Hidden Realm = Darunia, Leader of the Gorons, creating safe passage via underground tunnel networks.

  2. Eternal Witness = BotW Link, 'witness' to 100 years of Ganon's corruptive influence; avenger of the fallen and Hero of all Hyrule!

  3. Emiel the Blessed = Epona, steadfast steed of our band, always there to lend a lightning-fast hand (or hoof ;) ) in times of need.

  4. Recruiter of the Guard = Impa, loyal soldier & guardian to the Royal Family, calling in reinforcements to bolster the ranks with Allies of the Realm.

  5. Reflector Mage = Rauru with Kaepora Gaebora (his Owl), the Sage of Light & stalwart defender of the Temple of Time; keeping the peace beside his wise feathered friend.

  6. Esper Sentinel = Nabooru, Leader of the Gerudo desert tribe & first on the scene with unforeseen traps when tragedy threatens her people.

  7. Kiora's Follower = Princess Ruto (adult), leader of her tribe/guild of Merfolk with the power to communicate knowledge to anyone touching any water source which originated in her homeland.

  8. Seedborn Muse = Saria, the very heart and innocence of the Forest realm, who never seems to tire in bringing joy and peaceful thoughts to all.

  9. Wood Elves = Kid Link, a reminder to the Hero of Time of his innocent beginnings as a Kokiri child of the forest.

  10. Birthing Pod = Parasitic Armored Arachnid Gohma, spawning her mini-mes to infect and evolve.

  11. Shaman of Forgotten Ways = Skull Kid (with Moon background), mischievous and energetic, imbued with the ancient power to bring Majora's ruin to all who trespass.

  12. Phyrexian Metamorph = Dark Link, twisted reflection of the Hero of Time, dishing out punishment against unwary foes using their tactics against them.

  13. Phantasmal Image = The Hero of Time vs Dark Link, a face-off against the darkness inside.

  14. Prime Speaker Vannifar = Twili Midna, the Twilight Princess herself, possessing vast powers over her ethereal realm, whispering secrets from the shadows to her worthy paragons.

  15. Knight of Autumn = Urbosa, 2nd in command of the Gerudo desert tribe, able to assess the needs in battle & a welcome assist to her fellow Heroes.

  16. Bane of Progress = Daruk, stonecrushing protector of the Gorons. Barreling through any obstacle on the battlefield to pave way for a finishing blow!

  17. Archon of Emeria = Revali, obstinate but with solid confidence, able to scout the situation and slow enemy advance.

  18. Kiora, Master of the Depths = Princess Mipha, Champion of Renewing Waters, summoning her allies into the fray & keeping them ready for action.

  19. Glen Elendra Archmage = Fi, the Spirit of the Master Sword, warder of danger and eternal companion to the Champion of Light.

  20. Weathered Wayfarer = Kass, the wandering bard, ushering his friends to strange new lands, while alerting them to dangers ahead.

  21. Ixidron = A Guardian, upending the battlefield with brutal blasts from its Omega Beams, crippling foes and decimating the odds.

  22. Craterhoof Behemoth = Dark Beast Ganon (had to without Black in the Deck ;P), howling his rage at the world he seeks to conquer & crushing those who would oppose!

  23. Gaea's Cradle = The Mastersword in its Secret Grove deep in the heart of Hyrule, where it awaits the Hero of Time when the realm is threatened.

  24. And of course, Bloom Tender = Princess Zelda, bringer of light and an ever-spring of hope, always ready to bestow buffs and the resilience to prevail!

Bant-Bounce evolution of Jenara, Asura of War since back in the day! (before Commander products) - GREAT power twins between Seedborn Muse / Alchemist's Refuge & Mistmeadow Witch / Perplexing Chimera. Transforms into a Primal Surge Finish if Instants/Sorceries removed for Maybe/Side Board

Combos of Note:

  1. Variation on a Classic: Karmic Guide + Reveillark + Mirror Entity (works on Power 2< with Body Double in the mix).

  2. Saving Grace / Turns: Eternal Witness + Eerie Interlude / Temporal Manipulation (+other Flicker for E-Wit).

  3. Mana: Emiel the Blessed (or Ghostly Flicker + Eternal Witness) + Peregrine Drake, & Thousand-Year Elixir + Bloom Tender + Deadeye Navigator (Soulbond Kiora's Follower + Lotus Field too; add Spirit Bonds for tokens). =D

  4. Life: Soul's Attendant + Leonin Relic-Warder + Phyrexian Metamorph.

  5. Flicker (save critters from removal): Cryptolith Rite + Deadeye Navigator + Felidar Guardian + Thousand-Year Elixir.

  6. Non-Creature Shutdown: any Clone + Archon of Valor's Reach OR Ranger-Captain of Eos + Karmic Guide + any flicker.

  7. Repeat 1-sided Boardwipe: Supreme Verdict + Eternal Witness + any "Next End Step" Flicker saves your best for last ;) (add Alchemist's Refuge to do it on Opponent's turn).

  8. 1-sided neuter: Ixidron + Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite (Birthing Pod makes it easy to get to & Crystal Shard can make it every turn).

  9. Lockouts: Deadeye Navigator + Venser, Shaper Savant / Nevermaker / OR Eternal Witness + any flicker + Memory Lapse.

  10. Instant End: Shaman of Forgotten Ways pops its Biorhythm easier early with Gaea's Cradle + Kiora's Follower / Snap / Minamo, School at Water's Edge.

Extra Credit - UBER Sisay: T1 Minamo, School at Water's Edge + T2 Kiora's Follower + T3 Captain Sisay + T4 Thousand-Year Elixir = Tutor 4 Legends per turn!



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