Midnight Duelist

Midnight Duelist

Creature — Human Soldier

Protection from Vampires

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Midnight Duelist Discussion

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

7 months ago

Mcat1999, White has long been able to deal damage to tapped creatures. And blue has long had Prodigal Sorcerer . Niko Aris doesn't deal direct damage, yes it's noncombat, but still not direct. They're completely within the color pie. Although it seems like the color pie only applies to white anymore. I just don't get the constant hate on white from R&D, just why? Anyways.

Bright & Happy card:

Full Moon Festivities


Destroy all non-Human, non-Angel creatures.

Make a card named "Minna of Selhoff", she's a former cathar and Midnight Duelist who was a hometown hero in Nephalia.

Caerwyn on

3 years ago

I have a couple suggestions:

  • Midnight Duelist is a particularly mediocre card. A 1/2 with an irrelevant ability is well behind the curve. Replace this card with Student of Warfare--one of the better one-drops in both knights and white weenies. Generally, I hate Level up cards--most of them are poorly costed, and far too susceptible to removal. Student is an exception--a 3/3 with First Strike for 3 is pretty nice. A 3/3 with First Strike that you can have on turn two is fantastic (turn one: play plains and Student, turn two, play planes, level up student twice).

  • Suntail Hawk is not a great card--you don't have enough support to justify running it.

  • Knight of the White Orchid is a strong card, particularly if you are on the draw.

  • Kinsbaile Cavalier makes for a better top-of-your-curve than Angel of Invention.

  • Radiant Destiny is quite mediocre, and you have better lords and other bonuses already. Oketra's Monument is three-mana for little real effect. Yes, it will net you tokens, but most of your creatures do not benefit from its cost reduction. Replace these cards with Path to Exile--probably the best removal spell in Modern.

  • Knight of Glory's Exalted ability is not particularly useful in a deck that seeks to go wide and swing with a bunch of lord-boosted creatures. Instead consider Leonin Skyhunter--another two drop, in your relevant tribe, with evasion.