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Seriously Competetive! Fast, Destruction, Damage, Life, Mill, Draw, Defense! One on One or Multiplayer!

The main combo of the deck is Ashnod's Altar + Sacred Mesa + Skyshroud Elf in order to be able to recycle all of your creatures.

The secondary combo pieces are Impact Tremors - Direct damage. Altar of the Brood (sideboard) - Mill. Essence Warden - Life Gain. Aura Shards - Artifact and Enchantment destruction. Court Street Denizen - Tap your opponents' big nasties cough Emrakul, the Aeons Torn/ Griselbrand cough. Fecundity - drawing.

Supporting cards are Krosan Grip - Artifact and Enchantment destruction with split second. Raise the Alarm - for 2 creatures at instant speed which can help with surprise defense or turn it into mana with Ashnod's Altar. Doomed Traveler - not only is it a creature, if it dies or you sacrifice it you get another, better creature for free which could also turn into .

Sideboard cards, Druid's Deliverance helps negate big damage from creatures while giving you an extra token and Ground Seal gives a single card draw and helps defend against self milling decks while still allowing Fecundity to work.

With the main combo (Ashnod's Altar + Sacred Mesa + Skyshroud Elf ) in place you can continually recycle your creatures in order to trigger any of the secondary combo pieces.

How it works: Just sacrifice a creature token to Ashnod's Altar to generate . Wash the with Skyshroud Elf to get or simply . Pay to put a Pegasus token back into play.

The biggest threat to this deck is a Mill deck (potentially) or Torpor Orb though I haven't had much trouble with mill decks as of yet. Torpor Orb on the other hand can completely mess this deck up.

I am sure there are situations I have yet to encounter but all in all this is the most resilient/well rounded deck I have ever made or played with. If anyone has any suggestions or knows of a situation where this deck would struggle please let me know! Otherwise I hope you enjoy!



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