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The whole idea is to mana ramp up to 8+ then put out Stuffy Doll with Lure with Swiftfoot Boots or Elgaud Shieldmate tap 8 for Tower of Calamities on doll then swing with doll, boom!Defense is key with Sleep and Stonehorn Dignitary and Venser, the Sojourner


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Ok so a breakdown here of my matches

  1. Werewolves 0-2

  2. Zombies 0-2

  3. Buy 1-0

  4. New kid with simple deck 2-0

  5. Round one did pretty good except he pulled Full Moon's Rise and trampled my poor doll. Round 2 he just over extended my board with wolves and i got dork screwed ( i had 5 dorks and one mana figured i'd get the mana on draw t5 i got the mana too late)

  6. Zombies with the -1-1s on poor doll and Geth's Verdict Grrrrr. Both times.

  7. played a hydra deck and pwned it with Lure Stuffy Doll combo. Take that 13 13 flyer.

  8. Honestly i toyed with the kid, i felt bad for him because he seriously got 2 creatures in the 2 games we played. He learned afew things i hope.

Overall 2-2 (really 1-2 cause buy doesn't count) With some changes needed. Trying a draw more cards approach with curiosity on doll and some Prey Upons


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