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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Undying Reboot)

Modern Aggro BG (Golgari) Combo Counters Reanimator Theme/Gimmick



Loop deck using undying, counter removal and sac engines.

Here's a short intro for every card group:

  • Young Wolf, Strangleroot Geist and Geralf's Messenger are mainly in for their undying ability. Haste on the Geist is very useful since that allows us to sac it before combat and swing nonetheless.
  • Bloodflow Connoisseur, Viscera Seer and Altar's Reap all profit from having creatures around that return after being sacrificed.
  • Retribution of the Ancients would be mediocre in most other decks. But not here. It removes +1/+1 counters from undying creatures, which allows us to repeat the whole sac-for-value routine. This makes the deck loop. It also decimates the opponent's creatures in the process. Another card that can fill this role in a pinch is Hex Parasite. It also allows me to dispatch the opponent's planeswalkers and hyrdas easily.
  • Blood Artist, Champion of Lambholt and Blade of the Bloodchief trigger either when a creature dies or enters the battlefield. Guess what happens every time I sac or chump an undying creature... Anyways, they're a good source of burn, lifegain, buff and evasion.
  • Hardened Scales is the nitro boost for this deck. Everything is twice as big with scales on the field.

I rebuilt this deck because Hardened Scales and Retribution of the Ancients were released. They are a lot faster than Corpsejack Menace and Ooze Flux. Now this deck is finally fast enough to work properly. Just look at that sweet curve. Beautiful.

Budgeting Info:

I feel this is necessary to say after a few users have posted only their decks here. I do enjoy exploring the decks others built, so If you want to let me know about a decklist that could help me with this deck or might be otherwise interesting to me, feel free to post it on my profile, but please not here. Posting your decklist on my decks, especially in the large format, will get your comment removed. I am sad that this is necessary.

Other than that, your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated. Your upvotes too, if I'm honest. Here, have a button.



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