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Matt's Blue-Black Death's Shadow

Modern Death's Shadow U/B (Dimir)


The current draft of Modern Blue-Black Death's Shadow. You can learn more about this deck over at Matt Plays Magic, my awesome Magic blog!

Here's my historical record:


Vs. Izzet Reveler (W)

Vs. Esper Vial (W)

Vs. Mono-Green Tron (W)

Vs. Jeskai Control (W)

Vs. Burn (W)

Vs. Four Color Shadow (W)

Vs. Mono-Green Tron (W)

Vs. Bogles (L)

Vs. Hardened Scales Affinity (L)

Vs. Mardu Pyromancer (W)

Vs. Amulet Titan (W)

Vs. R/G Ponza (W)

Vs. G/W Company (L)

Vs. Mono-G Tron (W)

Vs. As Foretold Living End (W)

Vs. Izzet Phoenix (L)

Vs. 8-Rack (L)

Vs. Skred Red (W)

Vs. Mono-G Tron (L)

Vs. Jund (W)

Vs. Hardened Scales Affinity (W)

Vs. GR Scapeshift (W)

Vs. Mono-G Tron (D)


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