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You have heard of suicide black, now meet homicide Rakdos. The deck is designed to leave our opponent with tough decisions to make where in either case we will almost always benefit in some way. To accomplish this many of the cards we are running offer the opponent a devil's bargain of sorts, usually losing life or taking damage to prevent us from gaining a benefit.

This was a sort of tough section as there are not many cards that fit our theme.

  • Sin Prodder: Functions like extra draw with a bit of a downside for us. Our opponent gets to decide if we keep the card it reveals, but if they make us get rid of it then they take damage equal to that cards CMC.

  • Vexing Devil: Take 4 or deal with a 4/3 for 1 mana. This creature does so much work as it functions like a better bolt to their face under threat of repeated attack.

  • Sedgemore Witch: This was a last minute inclusion as it was on my mind from a recent deck. The main reason for inclusion beyond creature tokens is that it has a ward cost of 3 life. That means that if our opponent tries to target Sedgemore Witch they have to pay 3 life. Then they are open to having to pay another 5 life because of Dash Hopes.

  • Knight of the Ebon Legion: I was hesitant to include this at first as a majority of the damage we can deal is 3 or less and it only triggers on our end step, but the ability to pump it into a fairly sizable creature that has deathtouch makes it a much scarier threat as a blocker and an aggro piece. If you saw the original deck this card replaced Thrull Parasite as a more consistent 1 drop instead of trying to rely on extort triggers for a bit more damage.

  • Rotting Regisaur: 3 CMC beat stick that makes our opponents choice of letting us draw cards or taking damage/losing life for themselves all that much harder. This creature boasts an impressive 7 power and 6 toughness and gives us a justification for our massive amounts of card draw. If you saw the original deck, this card replaced the Basilica Screecher as the deck needed a massive power up.

  • Conspiracy Theorist: Replacing what used to be Dreadhorde Butcher. Consipiracy Theorist allows our cards that we discard to Rotting Regisaur to function as though they had something akin to madness

This is our bread and butter and honestly the whole reason I built this deck. There are a few spells in magic that task our opponent with making a near impossible choice, even more in legacy but they are likely too expensive to be good there, and we have decided to assemble them here for our benefit.

  • Dash Hopes: Counter spell unless they pay 5 life. With the prevalence of fetch and shock lands in modern this means they are likely paying more than a quarter of their life.

  • Sword-Point Diplomacy: Card draw. Unfortunately it is sorcery speed so we need to cast it during our turn, but it is worth it having the opponent pay 0-9 life or else we draw 0-3 cards. Has the potential to trigger our Knight of the Ebon Legion by itself.

  • Risk Factor: Another draw spell. Arguably better than what Browbeat would have been had it not been replaced, as it is instant speed and only 1 damage less for the same cost. This means we can leave mana open for Dash Hopes or Lightning Bolt, and if our opponent does nothing we can draw on their end step unless they want to take 4 damage. Has the potential to trigger our Knight of the Ebon Legion by itself if used on our own turn.

  • Lightning Bolt: Old reliable. We can bolt our opponents face for a faster kill, or get rid of a potentially annoying creature that will get in our way.

  • Choice of Damnations: A potential board wipe if used with the right timing. However if our back is truly against the wall it could leave us vulnerable as well. I personally like this card a lot, but many players think otherwise.

Being budget minded this section could obviously use vast improvements. That being said for now we run the following as our budget mana base.

  • Evolving Wilds: The poor mans fetch land. It will fetch us a basic land to help us fix colors and thin the deck.

  • Dragonskull Summit: Our only dual land, but a good one to have for an instant speed fight.

  • Swamp: Just the basic land

  • Mountain: Just the basic land

I don't play competitive so I can't speak to the meta. As such I tried to make a sideboard based on what little meta knowledge I have.

  • Leyline of the Void: Classic graveyard hate. Might replace with something like Grafdigger's Cage

  • Tainted Remedy: Anti life gain. Can make life gain decks self destruct. Considered Rain of Gore but it does not apply to life gained via lifelink so Tainted Remedy won out.

  • Crumble to Dust: The Tron killer. Being 4 CMC makes it slow, but it can completely disable tron for the rest of the game. If you have the money Alpine Moon would probably be better. However given the limited space on a side board, rather than attacking Tron's lands it might be better to have something like Void Mirror as it shuts down most everything they can cast until they get a blast zone to remove it. Also works to shutdown the Crashing Footfalls rhinos deck and any other deck relying on cascade or alternate cost spells.

  • Poison the Cup: Spot removal and potential draw fixer if foretold. Also being foretold allows it to dodge hand hate.

  • Harsh Mentor: Hurts Ragavan by making their treasure tokens shock them, and hurts cookbook by making it so use of the cookbook shocks them. Could potentially move to the main board if you decide to go down the Choice of Damnations in favor of punishing the opponent more. However they are not very in the spirit of the sort of devils bargain that that inspired the deck in the first place.

The problem with being cheap is that we get priced out of a lot of potentially good cards. That being the case I thought I would list a few of them here for the more financially inclined who want a more powerful version of this deck.

  • Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger: Fairly fast to get out, and forces our opponent to choose between being bolted or discarding a potentially useful non-land card. At this point in time they are around $24

  • Bloodchief Ascension: Amazingly easy to turn on given the nature of our deck. Very quickly can end the game by punishing our opponent for casting instant and sorceries as well as letting creatures die. At this time they are around $27

  • Temporal Extortion: An extra turn spell in black that can really get our opponents life low if they decide to stop us from taking an extra turn. At this time they are around $13

These are cards that I considered but decided against for various reasons like time to see a return on investment or concerns about our curve.

  • Robber of the Rich: Poor mans Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer that works well with our Rotting Regisaur. However they give our opponent a reason to allow us to draw card in direct opposition to the effect that our Rotting Regisaur is providing in making our opponent take damage to avoid refilling our hand with gas.

  • Smoldering Egg  : A really new card, but it is too slow to see a payoff in this deck. Outside of a Choice of Damnations we would need to cast a minimum of 3 instant or sorcery spells to flip it.

  • Egon, God of Death  : Early game there are not enough cards in the graveyard to support him, and late game it is probably too late.

  • Scab-Clan Berserker: A solid card against decks that rely on non-creatures, but at a 3 CMC it felt hard to justify it in the deck when I considered the curve.

  • Ogre Marauder: An amazing ultimate choice card, sacrifice a creature in order to block only to have to block with yet another creature, or take 3 damage per turn. However again it is a 3 CMC and that doesn't work with the curve

  • Irencrag Pyromancer: Make our opponents decide if they want to let us draw multiple cards and bolt them, or if they want to take a bit of extra damage to deny us any card draw. The CMC being 3 is the only reason this card lost its potential spot in the deck.

  • Cryptborn Horror: has great potential but would likely end up as a 3/3 or a 4/4 for 3 CMC. Plus it is based on life lost this turn so it becomes even worse.

  • Ammit Eternal: Another ultimate choice card. It starts as a 5/5 but gets weaker if our opponent casts spells. However as an attacker it will cost our opponent 3 life to block it at any given time. Between the CMC cost and the potential to get weaker it lost out to the Rotting Regisaur as our beat stick creature.

  • Bonecrusher Giant: Could have been a friend to Sedgemoor Witch with a built in shock at a slightly increased cost, but I felt that Sedgemoor Witch did more as it provides tokens to use as chump blockers, has some evasion due to menace, and costs more life to target. Not to mention Bonecrusher Giant only triggers when targeted by a spell and not an ability.

  • Hungry for More: A potential of 6 life over 2 turns for 5 mana. Could gain us a potential 6 life widening the divide and keeping our head above water. Lost out to Conspiracy Theorist as the latter had better synergy with our Rotting Regisaur which would likely be our turn 3 play where possible.

  • Rakdos Charm: Feels more like a sideboard card for when the meta finally gets more diverse.

  • Painful Quandary: While a choice between 5 life and discarding a card for every spell is certainly a difficult one to make, the card is just too expensive both in terms of CMC and actual cash price.

Edit: It has come to my attention that Choice of Damnations is broken to an unplayable level in MTGO so use Torment of Hailfire or Killing Wave for now until the bug is fixed if playing this on MTGO


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