So I need help with this deck past rotation...

Basic concept, aggro, with an early mid-range fininisher. Yet can go into longer games.

Bastion of Remembrance + Weaponize the Monsters with Idol of Endurance = Tim on PCP pumping up Blood Aspirant + Dire Fleet Warmonger .

Careless Celebrant + Serrated Scorpion to fuel the combo with Archfiend's Vessel to make it spicy.

Bastion of Remembrance + The Akroan War + Weaponize the Monsters because why not... Take their creatures, attack them with them, and then sacrifice them doing three damage to them while gaining life.

Archfiend's Vessel + Lurrus of the Dream-Den + Venerable Warsinger even if you block with it cheaply or block and sacrifice it to Weaponize the Monsters bonus if you have a Bastion of Remembrance out.

It's just synergy feeding synergy, and recycling and transforming. Basically it perpetually feeds off itself until your opponent is dead.


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