Sanity Grinding

Sanity Grinding


Chroma - Reveal the top ten cards of your library. For each blue mana symbol in the mana costs of the revealed cards, target opponent puts the top card of his or her library into his or her graveyard. Then put the cards you revealed this way on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Sanity Grinding Discussion

StoryArcher on Suicide Mill

1 week ago


I appreciate you looking in. I agree that Drown in the Loch is an absolutely amazing card - one of my favorites in a long time, actually. But I've got Maddening Cacophony to mill 8 vs. the 10 that Glimpse would give me which is not a very big difference in the grand scheme of things, meaning that I'm basically adding in black solely to take advantage of Drowned... and it's just not worth it to set up the occasional mana issues in the early game imo. Especially when it means I have to start re-thinking Sanity Grinding and Fractured Sanity.

The name of the game is speed with this deck and it just runs faster as mono-blue. I can't make it smoother than that.

wallisface on Modern Dimir Mill & Dauthi …

1 week ago

It looks like the info that Caerwyn is golden, so i’m going to try to avoid repeating anything that’s already been said.

On the specific topic on whether Dauthi Voidwalker has any home in mill, I think the only use-case is if you’re currently running Ashiok, Dream Render in the sideboard, as these cards serve similar purposes and I could see potential for swapping one for the other. However, such a move would be highly meta-dependant, as most mill decks currently don’t run Ashiok anyway, and Dauthi appears in most cases to be worse.

Answering some thoughts specific to StoryArcher: Tome Scour has no place is a mill deck, it equates to a worse Shock. Mono blue mill can perform well, but does struggle as far as controlling the board state, and staying alive. Also, stuff like Sanity Grinding is very gimmicky and liable to cost you games. I think because mill needs so many fetches anyway to make the crabs happy, you can basically run a second/third colour for free, so going mono-blue feels like a big concession.

Caerwyn on Modern Dimir Mill & Dauthi …

1 week ago

I have not play tested mono-blue mill, but my gut tells me it is going to be both slower and more fragile than Dimir mill. For speed, you lose out on Glimpse the Unthinkable - Glimpse is a hyper-efficient card that is super easy to pop off. Might some of the three mana spells hit for more mill, particularly the unique-to-mono-Blue Sanity Grinding? Yes. But that consistent ten at two mana is utterly fantastic - the difference between two and three mana is pretty big in Mill. A two mana spell on turn 4 is often going to mean you get to both mill your opponent and have mana for another mill spell or interaction. That can be pretty big and swing entire games.

With regards to fragility, Drown in the Loch is just such a good card, and is better than Counterspell in all but the second turn.

StoryArcher on Modern Dimir Mill & Dauthi …

1 week ago


So, focusing on speed, I was looking at a mono-blue mill deck instead. I'm a little on the fence with regards to Sanity Grinding, but with all the fetch lands thinning out my deck, right now I'm thinking its a pretty strong inclusion (ahead of Tasha's Hideous Laughter though not by much).

If you don't mind, would you give the list below a look and tell me what you think?

Fractured Sanity Grinding

Modern StoryArcher


DMFF on Fractured Sanity Grinding

3 months ago

Thank you so much PurePwnage! As soon as I saw that Fractured Sanity was being printed with the casting cost, I was reminded of Sanity Grinding and hoped something could finally come from this interesting card from one of my favorite Blocks. After testing online, I am not disappointed!

DMFF on Fractured Sanity Grinding

3 months ago

I cannot justify removing 4 "free" Counterspells from my deck. Also, every choice in this deck was made with Sanity Grinding in mind to make the spell as efficient as possible. Originally, Mesmeric Orb was in the slot where Memory Erosion is since it is the best mill permanent out there. However, I found that it was popping up too much and throwing off the efficiency for Sanity Grinding, so I replaced it. The more blue mana symbols in this deck, the better!

lagotripha on Modern Mill Deck Help

3 months ago

Most mill decks are trying to generate value with Hedron Crab + Ruin Crab + fetches, with Fatal Push / Drown in the Loch as support. Its a pretty well established archetype, with a set of cards that all work pretty well, but it looks set for a shakeup.

I have seen more budget lists leaning harder on Fraying Sanity , Sphinx's Tutelage and Mesmeric Orb , often with a lot more interaction.

Fractured sanity (new cycling mill spell)+ Counterspell looks like the kind of thing that will breathe some life into the mono blue lists with Sanity Grinding . Small stuff like Sea Gate Restoration  Flip having 3 blue on a land, and Archmage's Charm being printed as potential support means that the whole thing is worth keeping an eye on.

Flooremoji on Collected Conjouring, CoCo's weird cousin

9 months ago

MindAblaze: It's really just too slow needing delirium to work properly. It's bad when you don't have it and when you do have it (really unlikley to ever have delirium in a deck with enough hits for cocon I might add) your opponent is unlikley to have hand. I stand by Smallpox as far as that sort of effect goes, much more devestating at every stage of the game and stacks better in multiples even if it hurts you.

seshiro_of_the_orochi I'm not seing how Nahiri's Wrath could finish your oppoenent off. Were you thinking it could hit opponents or is there something I'm missing? Sanity Grinding is really bad in any deck, but in a deck that is (at least, but probably more than) 2 colors and dosen't have mill as a main plan, it won't ever preform well.

I'm curious, why Contingency Plan? It's very mediocre unless your deck needs some weird combination of miracles + graveyard shenanagins. I would never want to see it on a cocon hit and wasting 2 mana and a card to make sure I hit something with cocon sounds like a losing proposition. Wouldn't it be better to just play good sorcery hits (that maybe interact with your opponent) rather than this?

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